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Kickboxing- St Joseph's College, Patchogue,NY
Promoted by Joe Pulieo
AFC Kickboxing Fighters : Danny Romeo - John Gilliam
Congradulations to Danny Romeo winning his first Kickboxing Match by 3 rd round TKO.Danny was in a good fight from the start and landing some strong punches.,By round 3 he was too much for his opponent and the fight was stopped.
Congradulations to John Gilliam on another great win .John as always demonstrated what kickboxing is all about with well rounded skills both punching and kicking landing great body shots early and coming upstairs with some awesome punches and jumping kicks.John finshed the fight with a great Butterfly kick head kick.His opponent was very tough and experienced but john was much too strong for him on nthis day.
John: From Ken Hewski school wins by decission.
Other fights:
Jenny Nedel : wins a decission against a girl from the Boston area. Jonny was too strong and agressive winning all rounds easily.
Kadir Kadri : wins a decission in a very tought hard fought battle against Davii Octenbuyer from Mongolia.
Chris Algeri : showed that not only is he a great young world champion with great skill but he is getting better with every fight. he fought a rematch with the younger Octenbuyer from Mongolia which he hada very touhgh battle with last time ,even getting dropped in there last fight. Chris started stronger than ussual still with patience landing awesome body shots as well asa great high kicks  dropping his fighter a couple of time before in round 3 and 4 finishing him in round 5 . Chris Algeri is definatley for real and here to stay.
More results will post on : www.wkausa.com  

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