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Chris Algeri wins wka world tilte

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Chris Algeri after winning World Title

NY Fight results ! All fights on this event  where Full contact rules!

Chris Algeri wins WKA World Full contact 154 lb title by Body shot KO after getting hurt in the early rounds by a right hand against
his opponnent from Canada.

Tarek Rached Wins by decission against strong fighter from Kosovo. Tarek took control early with great kicks and later put those kicks together with very good boxing skills .Tarek is ready to challenge any fighter worldwide in his weight class 160 to 172 lbs .

Lennox Chance former USKBA amateur world champ and WKA US champion 124 lbs wins by KO in rd 2 against James Chalis. Lennox was too strong for his opponent just taking total control early and showing many great skill with awesome punches and kicks until Chalis finshed on the cavas in rd 2.

John Gilliam, NA amateur USKBA champ showed why he is the best 165 lb amateur full contact fighter in North America by showing his high skill level with I train great kicking skills combines with his heart and punching power to win by a right hand Ko after landing awseome kicks in his fight.

Teen amateur rising star " Mean Mina " Sarihasan 16 years old was to fight for a local tile against an 18 year old fighter and the fight was cancelled at the last minute.There was also a fight with a much more experienced fighter Michelle Buzon cancelled so the promoter asked if they would fight. I recomeneded that since Mina was only 16 and had much less experience that they would fight an exhibition so we could test Mina and she passed with flying colors.. This was a great showcase for the 16 year old fighter as she was extremely agressive and showed unbelievabile ring control for her age and experience ( 1 year training in kickboxing ). Mina landed a short left hook in the first 10 seconds of the fight which cut Michelle and Mina just would not let up for 2 and 1/2 rounds , in rd 3 Michelle came back hard and finishes strong and the crowd was on there feet for this fight.
Mina Sarihasan,Tarek Rached,Lennox Chance,and John Gilliam all train at AFC Kickboxing.

Also:  Jenny Nedel wins    by decission

         :   Corey Sykes wins  by decission

Tarek " The Lebanese Tiger " Rached

For full results and more photos go to www.uskba.com  www.wkausa.com

Mina Sarihasan after Match with Michelle Buzon

Tommy "BEE" with Chris Algeri at celebration

Lennox Chance after his KO Win



John Gilliam with AFC Kickboxing Team Members before Fight

John Bottone JR home from Marines at ringside

Top Kick Championship Kickboxing
SportsPlus Events Center
Lake Grove NY, USA / November 18, 2005
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