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Jimmy's Bronx Cafe
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Tarek Rached Has great boxing match at MSG

Tarek Rached will fight in his 2 nd Pro Boxing match on Friday September 19th at Jimmy's Bronx Caf'e. Tarek will face A fighter from Ireland which has strong amateur experience and is making his pro bebut.
  Look at article bellow of his pro Boxing debut which was at Jimmy's.
 You can also find a map to Jimmy's at the link at the bottom of this page.
For  Result and full story on this fight  go to:

Press Release by Tommy "Bee" Bottone / August 10, 2003
In a scheduled four round Junior Middleweight battle that took place at Jimmy's Bronx Cafe on August 8, 2003, Tarek " The Lebanese Tiger "Rached of  Ridge NY defeated Brooklyn's Mangie Conteh. This was Tarek Rached's pro boxing debut.
Round 1: The fight started out with good action as Rached took control with some strong right hands and his opponent firing back with some good counters. Rached had the edge in this round.
Round 2:  Rached tried to come out strong again but his opponent came out faster and landed some good shots causing Rached to fight hard. Rached landed a good right hand counter dropping his opponent in this round.
Round 3:  Rached tried to continue where he left off the previous round, but his opponent had a different plan. Conteh came out on fire and out punched Rached to win the round. Conteh showed Rached that he was in a real fight and he must step up to the plate if he wants to win.
Round 4:  This was the round in which Rached had to show that he was good enough to be a pro boxer. Rached is known for his excellent kicks in kickboxing. Now Rached proved he can box as well. He started out fast and landed some strong punches early causing his opponent to spit out his mouth piece many times. The referee issued a one point deduction on Conteh for doing this.

Rached won by unanimous decision. After the fight, Rached said on Metro TV that he wants to improve on his boxing and wants to become a boxing champion and do as well in boxing as he has done in kickboxing.
Tarek Rached is a Pro kickboxer, formerly of Lebanon, now training with TOMMY "BEE" BOTTONE (AFC Kickboxing in Middle Island NY) in Boxing, Kickboxing, Muay Thai and K-1 Rules fights. He has been training in New York for the past year. Before coming to New York, Rached fought in over 40 countries in kickboxing competitions winning titles in Full Contact and Low Kick Rules with many organizations such as the WPKA, WAKO and WKA. Since being in the United States, he has also become the USKBA U.S. Champion in Low Kick Rules.
For more info on upcoming fights for Tarek Rached check out: www.ringoffirekickboxing.com. If anyone is interested in having Rached fight on any event, contact Tommy Bottone at tommy@ringoffirekickboxing.com.

Keep an eye on Tarek Rached as he continues his climb in boxing !

Map to jimmys bronx caf'e

Jimmy's Bronx Caf'e

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