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The Score-Cards have Been Counted and the Winner is...


Just when you thought the action couldn't get better, up comes USKBA Full Contact Welterweight World Champion "Diesel" DAVE BUGLIONE and up and coming ERIK
MARSHALL fighting a non-title five round bout. This was the Main Event of a star packed kickboxing event entitled "RING OF FIRE 7" hosted by USKBA Promoters Tom and John Bottone and their Ring of Fire Productions held at the Huntington Town House in Huntington Station NY on June 10, 2001.

Marshall traveled from Florida to New York to fight Buglione. Buglione, a humble and honored champion, was fighting in his backyard. Marshall was looking for a chance at a title shot. Buglione was looking to stay busy. Two freight trains on the same track...running toward each other head on. At the point they meet, that's the point that this fight begins. However, the fight didn't stop at the initial clash. The trains pulled back and came at each other again...and again...and again. Two aggressive fighters with exceptional techniques. In the third round, Buglione suffered a bad cut by his eye. The always-observant referee Fred Coritone called the medics over to Buglione's corner at the end of the round. Having to make a tough decision, Buglione's trainer and manager, Bob Mauro, decided not to let Buglione continue. The winner by TKO at 2:00 of round.... Marshall. Erik Marshall is trained by Mike and Vickie Hollobaugh of Bradenton Florida.

The kicks were flying high as KEN HEWSKI (AFC Kickboxing, Middle Island NY) met JASON ARRUDA (TNT Kickboxing, New Bedford MA) in a five round bout for the recently vacated USKBA Amateur Light Heavyweight World Championship Title, the ISKA Amateur US Championship Title and the WPKA Pro/Am World Championship Title. In one of the tougher bouts to score, Arruda came out as if it was a one round fight.
His aggressiveness and effectiveness saw all three judges giving him the first round. The momentum kept swinging back and forth during the next four rounds. At the end of five rounds, the judges scored this close fight 48-47, 48-47 and 48-47 all in favor of Arruda. Jason Arruda becomes the first kickboxer to win the USKBA, ISKA and WPKA titles on the same event. Promoter Tommy "Bee" Bottone is the first person to arrange the unification of the titles.

Well known ring veteran MIKE "Fighting Irish" RYAN scored a unanimous five round decision over a game STEVE MARCANTONIO. Marcantonio slipped Ryan's trademark spinning backfist through the first two rounds, but got tagged by it in the third round.
Although Marcantonio was given a standing eight count, he survived the round. All judges scored the fight 50-44 in favor of Ryan. In another pro bout, two kickboxing champions met each other in what some of the spectators labeled "the best full contact
kickboxing bout" they have seen. TOMMY "The Warrior" RODRIGUEZ and KEITH "The Hammer" NESBITT fought a four round war. The deciding moment came in the third round when Rodriguez felled Nesbitt. Nesbitt was given a standing eight count, but weathered the storm. At the end of four rounds, the judges scored it 39-36, 39-36
and 38-37 in favor of Rodriguez.

In a pro Leg Kick Rules bout, KEITH "Youngblood" YOUNGS defeated ROBERT
BURLEY by TKO at 1:18 of Round 1. In a bout for the USKBA Amateur Female Featherweight Tri-State Championship Title, CHRISSY YANDOLLI was awarded the title by USKBA Champion TONY "TNT" VENTURA when her opponent canceled before the fight. Yandolli, who trained hard for the title bout, fought an exhibition with VICKIE HOLLOBAUGH.

In other kickboxing action:
PETER ANASTASIO def ALEX ALONSO by TKO at :59 of Round 2.
CHRIS ALGIERI def KYLE MURRAY by unanimous decision.
GEOFFREY COMAN def DIMA SHIRGANOV by unanimous decision.
ERNIE REINKE and ALEX MOSTOVOY fought an exhibition.
SCOTT MARCHASIN and MICHAEL COLON fought an exhibition.
ADAM CZACHOR def ALBERT POPE by unanimous decision.
JOSE BATRIS def STEVEN CASTELLI by split decision.
ARTHUR ROZENTSVIT and BEN ASHUROV fought an exhibition.
LEANNA SERRAS and NICOLE KUNTZ fought an exhibition.

The scheduled bout between USKBA Amateur International Champion TONY SEVOIAN and LENNOX CHANCE for Sevoian's title did not go on due to an illness to Sevoian. Chance fought an exhibition against HECTOR FEREIRRA of Chile. After the bout, Fereirra awarded a special Statue of Appreciation on behalf of himself and Jonas
Nunez Jr and the PKF to promoter Tommy "Bee" Bottone.

The referees for the event were; Donnie Carolei, Fred Coritone and Pat Sullivan. The Judges were Joe Lamonica, David Ross, Ellwyn Roberts and Luigi Olcese. The lovely ladies of RoundCardGirlz.com Yalena, Jennifer and Grace completed the entertainment for the event. For information on future Ring of Fire Production events, call

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