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If you would like to scedule TOMMY "BEE" BOTTONE or any World class martial artist affilated with Ring of fire promotions contact :
       tommybeeatafc@yahoo.com or 1-516-885-9239


Article written about : World Kickboxing Champion
TOMMY "BEE" BOTTONE seminar in Rochester ,NY:
Written By Don Burns:

    An abundance of information--this is the only way I can adequately sum up World Kickboxing Champion Tommy “Bee” Bottone’s seminar at Mountain Storm, in Charlotte, N.Y., on July 14, 2001.
        Having a martial arts background, I have attended, participated, and held many martial arts and self-defense seminars. Tommy’s was different. While other seminars focus on self-defense, kickboxing, or ground fighting, Tommy’s incorporated all three. At first, the thought of a four-hour seminar seemed daunting, but Tommy’s charisma, obvious experience, and especially his love for this art kept me wanting more (as any good public speaker can do).
        What impressed me most was Tommy’s preparation. Although he prepared for the seminar, Tommy took the time to watch the fighters at Mountain Storm so he could tailor his lesson to their specific needs. So, while he displayed proper technique and angles, Tommy also brought to light the strengths and weaknesses of the individual fighters in an effort to help them adjust their own styles.
        As for the grappling segment of the seminar, to say I was impressed would be an understatement. Tommy performed each escape, take down, and submission hold without flaw, taking time to show the counter for the respective move. Each of Tommy’s movements was performed effortlessly and fluidly, clearly revealing his mastery of the art.
        Tommy’s visit to Mountain Storm was action filled. He didn’t pause once or reflectively stop to think of what would come next. In fact, Tommy continually stated, “You want more? I always have more!”


                PAST SEMINARS:
Tommy "Speaks to Kids - Old bethpage Middle School

 World Kickboxing Champion Speaks to Kids :
TOMMY "BEE" BOTTONE 6 time World Kickboxing Champion was invited to speak to the kids at Old Bethpage Middle School.
  We had an awesome group of Kids show up for my talk today.
I spoke to 3 classes of kids. This was the last group in the Photo.I had allot of fun and always look foward to these events and talking to the kids about how Martial Arts saved my life from my days of a young Street fighter and gave me an opportunity to travel the World as a Pro fighter and Coach of Team USA to places like China,Ukraine,England,Canada and Greece . The kids had a chance to ask questions about my Travels,Fights,Bodyguard work ,Being a Correction officer  in Sate prisons as well as being a Guest on the Walker Texas Ranger show with Chuck Norris.
      Written  by   :   TOMMY "BEE" BOTTONE   May 27 th 2010
TOMMY "BEE" with kids at Candlewood Middle school

in Dix Hills NY May 29 th 2008


TOMMY "BEE" Bottone- Christina Leora

Speeking to Kids at Seaford Middle school

TOMMY "BEE" Bottone with John Gilliam

Speaking to Kids at HauppagueJunior High school



William Floyd High School
Shirley ,NY 2007

Tommy "BEE" Bottone with 4 th grade students
at Pasadena, Elementary School


Oleg put on an excellent seminar at AFC Kickboxing.  Click on the photo above for pictures of the seminar as well as Oleg!


Oleg Taktarov                 


Don "The Dragon "Wilson
Ring Of Fire Kickboxing Seminar

DON "The Dragon " Wilson

Don "The Dragon" Wilson hosted a great seminar at AFC Kickboxing!  Click on the photo above to see pictures from this event!

Click On photo for in depth article !!

Sandy Holt Muay-Thai Seminar full story/photos

MUAY-THAI Seminar with Sandy Holt of England
Click on photo for full story and photos

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