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         American Fighting Concepts - Founded  1996
Optional Ranking system - Become an instructor
Yellow  -  Starter Program
Orange - Beginner Basics
 punches,kicks,blocks,movement,sparring 3rds above waist.
Green - Intermediate  level
Basic punches,basickicks,Knees,Elbows,movement,blocks,Takedowns,
,basic grappling,Basic self defense,Sparring 5 rds  above waist.
Blue - intermediate level 2 =  Basic punches,Basic kicks,Kness,Elbows,movement,blocks,Takedowns,basic grappling,basic self defense,basic pressure points, sparring 7 rds above waist.
Red / Purple Advanced  level 1 = adavanced application and assistant teaching level of all of the basics for under belts such as Boxing,kickboxing,Low kicks,knees,elbows,grappling,pressure points,and self defense techniques  . Must spar 5 rounds using all  stand up american fighting concepts ,and 10 rds  above the waist or Low kick.You must also be able to Grapple live at an advanced level for A 5 minute period.you must also have A clear understanding of the history of American fighting Concepts as well as  our beliefs and show that you will be A clear representative of AFC in your teachings.
Red / Brown ; Level  2- Is considered an assitant instructor on probation for Black which is full instructor.
Black = 1st level intructor
You must have all of the basics of American Fighting conectps as well as be able to apply them in teaching also have the confidence to use these techniques in sparring,competition,or in A real street encounter. You would have already proven your teaching  ability of American fighting Concepts while at red level teaching in 1 of our school affiliates.
There is no time limit  on your testing to become an American Fighting Concepts instructor. 
You will be tested 100% on ability  to apply and teach your skills as A Black Level 1 American Fighting Concepts instructor :
As of 4/2/08  We will Promote instructors under 1 discipline such as Kickboxing.
 As A certified intructor of American fighting Concepts you will have the full support of AFC,Ring of Fire Kickboxing ,and Tommy Bottone in your teachings as well as the opportunity to open an affiliate AFC kickboxing school.
  You will be certified as A level 1 instructor   under :
          World kickboxing Champion
           TOMMY "BEE" BOTTONE
   This certification will give you the credentials to teach a style which is recognised Worldwide (American Fighting Concept) for Training some top pro and amateur athletes in full contact sports.
  Head instructor World Kickboxing Champion Tommy "BEE" Bottone has also Coached  team USA both inside and outside of the US  in countries such as Canada,Ukraine and Greece..
   Tommy "BEE" Bottone has taught many mixed martial arts / Self defense seminars for high school students as well as for martial arts schools and has been inducted in the PKF Hall of fame for Full contact instructor of the year in 2002,Fighter of the year in 2003.Tommy was also ranked #1 by Inside kung fu Magazine in 1994 as an amateur Sanhou Champion before turning pro in 1995 and going on to win many World titles as A pro Kickboxer.
    Tommy "BEE" Bottone was A guest star on Walker Texas Ranger " Legends " This was the last episode on CBS televission and was A tribute to the sport of Kickboxing with the legends of yesterday and the stars of today.Chuck Norris felt that he really wanted to showcase the sport in which he helped to create in the US in 1974 at Madison Square garden the exposure that it deserves. The show was awesome !
 AFC kickboxing has been host to such legends in the martial arts to friends such as Kickboxing legend and Movie star
Don " The Dragon" Wilson .
 AFC has also hosted ,friend  UFC ( Ultimate Fighting Challenge ) Champion  and Movie Star Oleg " The Russian Bear  " Taktarov .
AFC also  hosted  Olympic Boxing Gold Medalist Howard Davis  and Pro Boxing World Champions Junior "Poisin" Jones and Alisha Ashley, World Kickboxing  Champions such as Devon Cormack, Mike Ryan, Chris Algeiri , Dave Buglione, Mike Husbands, David Cummings, Angelo Dibella and many more.
AFC Has Hosted Muay-Thai  Champion and World respected trainer from England Sandy Holt .
Current  certified  American fighting Concepts Insrutors:
              TOMMY "BEE" BOTTONE 
   Kieth " Young blood " Youngs    4 th  Level
     Adam  Czachor                               3 rd  Level
   John Gilliam                                    2nd   Level
  John Madden                                  2nd  Level
  Sandon Nachman                           1 st Level
  Lennox Chance                               1 st Level  
John Bottone    JR                           1 st Level
John Moldanaldo                              1 st Level  

Timmy Persaud - 1st Level

Vincent Persaud - 1st Level

Kenny Lamb                                       1 st Level ( Kickboxing )
Tarek Rached                                   1 st level  ( Kickboxing)
Mike Prussick   SR                          1 st Level  ( kickboxing )
 Dan Lucas                                           1 st Level ( Kickboxing ) Kadir Kadri 1 st level instructor ( Kickboxing )

Ken Heweski  -  Certified  instructor in AFC is no longer affiliated with AFC or Tommy "BEE" Bottone  and has no authority to teach American Fighting Concepts .
                             Female Instructors:
  Chrissy Yandolli                              1 st level  ( Kickboxing )
Jennifer Sweeney                             1 st Level  ( kickboxing )

Mina Snyder       1 st Level  ( kickboxing ) / Red 2nd Level AFC
Kathy ( Bremer ) Ferraro - 1 st Level ( Kickboxing )
                 High ranked students :
Anna Bogomazova  "Russian" Wako World Champion 
Erika Deleone ( Red Level  -1 )
Michael Wunsch ( Red Level -1 )
Shawn Pierce     NYS Amateur Welterweight Champion
Jimmy Justice
Jay Speelman
                       High Ranking Junior Students :
Timmy Persaud   ( Full Instructor )
Purple / assistant instructor Christina Leora Jackson Coubois Courtney Holohan
Marco Ferman
Conner McGorry

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