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Tarek Rached Wins by 5 th rd TKO
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Tarek Rached gets TKO in 5 th rd thai fight NYC
Tarek Rached TKo'd Clint Rhodes in Muay-Thai fight

 Tarek Rached  gets TKO of Clint Rhodes in 5 th !
May 30 th 2008 NYC Friday night fights presented a good night of amatuer Boxing and Muay-Thai with Tarek Rached of AFC Kickboxing in NY vs Clint Rhodes of New Mexico in a 5 rd K-1 rules Main Event .NYC Friday Night Fights Series is promoted by Justin Blaire.
  This was a good match up with Tarek being a very strong right handed fighter and Clint Rhodes a rugged tough Left handed fighter .
 The fight started off with Tarek looking good and landing some good punches and Kicks in round 1 winning round 1 easy.
  2nd round Clint Rhodes showed he  did not come to NYC to be an opponent but to win and he gained control with some low kicks and a couple of strong keft hands.
 3 rd round was a close one with Clint starting strong getting some good catch kicks forcing Tarek to have to get up off the canvas ,By rounds end tarek landed some good inside Low kicks leaving Clint with something to think about for the next round.
 4 th round Tarek began to take control with his strong Boxing skills and some awesome high Kicks starting to land.
 5 th round Tarek was told by his cornerman TOMMY "BEE"BOTTONE that the fight was close and he needed to shine in this round and leave no doubt who won this fight. Tarek came out for the final bell on fire throwing very strong combo's hurting his opponent with a solid right hand dropping  Clint ,Well he got up and wanted to fight so Tarek showed his determination to not leave it to the judges and finished him with a barrage of punches when Referee Chris Wagner stepped in to end the fight.
 Tarek Rached has fought out of NY - USA for 5 years now winning  fights in Pro Boxing,Full contact kickboxing, Low Kick,World combat league,K-1 Rules and Muay - Thai.
 Tarek Rached has proven himself to be a top fighter in many styles and is ready to challenge for World titles in all of these styles.
 Tarek is sceduled to fight for a Low Kick World Title on June 20 th in Patchogue ,NY and wants to compete on the West coast in California or Las Vegas to test himself against the West coast best fighters.


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