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Ring Of Fire 9 sets the kickboxing World on Fire !!!
Featuring Kickboxing legend / Movie star Don "The Dragon" Wilson Vs Tommy "BEE" Bottone

The Kickboxing World came together on Saturday March 23rd, 2002 for a great cause at the John Danzi center in Patchogue ,NY to benefit the Twin Towers scholarship fund for the NYPD ESU and Bomb squad. This event was taped for broadcast on PPV TV.

This was a spectacular event with many top fighters from USA and Canada fighting in Kickboxing /Muay Thai. This event featured World title fights Pro and amateur rising starts from the age of 8 years old and some of the best up and coming women fighters in NA today.

The featured exhibition match between Don Wilson and Tommy "BEE" Bottone , I think, took people by surprise as we fought 3 hard rounds . I think the crowd thought that we would just play with each other since it was for charity. Those who thought that were in for a surprise as we fought 3 hard rounds and had some very good exchanges. It was A great honor for me to get to fight Don Wilson on this event and I wish him luck in his next fight in Atlantic city scheduled for the summer at the Tropicana Casino hotel in Atlantic City, NJ. Don Wilson is scheduled to fight Ed Butcher first and then Challenge Orlando Rivera for his ISKA World title soon after that. Don "The Dragon" Wilson has a new movie coming out in May 2002 "Redemption" also featuring Chris Penn and Cynthia Rothrock . Check out his web site www.donthedragonwilson.com. This event was sanctioned by the USKBA

We also had a Pro WPKA 172 lb World title fight featuring Abuzayd Nuwaz of Canada winning a very close 12 rd fight against Melvin "The Beast" Robinson of USA. This was a very close hard fought battle by both fighters with many wondering who the decision would go to at the end of 12rds.

This event also featured A ISKA NA 124.lb women's title fight between Chrissy Yandolli USA vs Martine Clamente of Canada . This was an awesome 4rd amateur women's fight with both fighters landing good techniques in every round . Both fighter landing good punches and Chrissy landing some more kicks in the rounds. The winner was Chrissy Yandolli by split decision.

Martine Clamente also stepped up to the plate and fought another fight for her teammate that did not show up and fought a very tough and larger opponent Jenny Nedell of USA Jenny Nedell won by A by a split decision but I would have to give (fighter of the night !)to Martine Clemente of Canada for going against 2 very strong Us fighters and never giving an inch fighting hard in every round of both fights.

In A USKBA Ameteur 124lb. world Title fight "Super" Lennox Chance of NY proved to be too strong for his very game opponent Kenny Keyes of mass. Lennox Chance winning by KO in the 3rd round of this very exciting match. Lennox Chance has a very good future as a pro fighter and many are taking notice now.

Adam Czachor USKBA amateur 140lb. World champion has taken some time off from his kickboxing to box in the very tough NY Golden gloves and this was his return fight against Jessie Rai of Canada. Adam dominated his very tough opponent in every round using very good ring generalship and great hand and foot combinations. He looked very strong from start to finish. Adam Czachor is 21 yrs old and has been Kickboxing since he was 13 yrs old he is one of the strongest amateurs in the World today in any weight class and will be another great asset to the pros in the future. Kyle Murray was chosen to represent Team USA and his opponent was unable to fight so he fought against Brian Williams of New Jersey. Kyle showed why he was chosen to be on team USA by winning a unanimous decision against a very good Brian Williams.

Kadir Kadri former Kick World Champiom successfully defended his USKBA US Light heavyweight Full contact title in A very good 7rd fight against a very game Frank Diambra.

In A pro Muay Thia Fight Extreme Lacosta proved to have too good of clinching techniques and low kicks and Knees for his game opponent Former Full contact World kickboxing champion Keith "The hammer" Nesbith. Extreme attacked him early and ended it early by winning with a 1strd KO.

The crowd was also pleased to see another Muay Thai amateur fight between Terrance O'conner (Extreme) USA and Alex Bessonov formely of Russia. This was A very exciting fight from start to finish with the first round being pretty eventful and Terrance gaining some contol in roundd 2 with some catch kicks and Terrance gaining dominance in rd 3 with with more catch kicks and scoring a knock down with a strong right hand. O'conner won the fight by decision.

Other fights on the show where:

  • Pro light heavyweights : "King Ken" Hewski Def Richard Medina by 3 rd Kick KO
  • Pro featherweights: Bobby Campbell De! f Robert Burley by 1 st Round TKO
  • Ray Poole Ny Def Mike Avilla Mass. by points
  • Kids Exhibition: Conner Mcgorry USA fought Benjamin Ashorov (Russia)
  • Womens Exhibition: Jennifer Sweeney fought Christine Smigiel
  • Lightheavyweight exabition: Ron Murray fought against Jeff Colman

You can go to the following website for more information and photos of this great event and for upcoming events.


EMail: Bee@worldblackbelt.com

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