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Ring Of fire 10 Results
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Ring Of fire 10 Results
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Fighters burn up stage at ring of Fire 10 !


                      TOMMY "BEE" BOTTONE
 Fighters set the ring on fire in Pathouge ,NY
 Ring Of Fire Kickboxing  has returned to NY in A new venue . The event was held at the newly renovated 100 year old braodway style theatre.The new venue set the tone for this event getting to A higher level in the sport of Kickboxing.This event had all of the excitment that one needs for A night out with great amateur pro and amateur fights with men,women and children showcasing talent at all levels of the sport.The event was anctioned by the WKA .The beutiful round card girls were provided www.roundcardgirlz.com . The theatre was A great setting for this production it had awsome lighting and sound that helped to make the production even better. The event was produced for distribution by www.badbreed.tv/  for DVD and it will be availbile in full length to download on there computers for only $4.95 on our web site www.ringoffirekickboxing.com
 Here are some of the results !!
 Tarek Rached  vs David Cummings :  Rached By TKO 1 st
    Rached wins by tko in round 1 on 3 knock down rule.  I thought as did both of the fighters that 1 of the knockdowns was questionable and the 1 st one was A sweep that should not have been called but the ref called 3 knockdows causing the fight to be stopped in rd 1.

 Both fighters came to fight and David did not seem hurt after the fight was stopped so I would really like to see A rematch with these 2 fighters.
  Bobby Campbel VS George Bustimonte  Campbel wins majority decission
 This was A good clean 7 rd pro fight with George showing his experience by controlliong the action in most of the rounds and Bobby landing some good counters in the later rounds. Neither fighter was hurt and the judges gave Bobby the nod in the end. On A side note USKBA world champion Billy Maysonnette was ringside for this fight and said that he would like to fight the winner on our next event.
  Terrance oconner Vs Kadir kadri :
This was an action packed Mauy Thai fight from start to finish with Terrance Oconner winning by decission.
       Kyle Murray VS Ricardo Lopez
 Kyle Murray came out on fire in this 4 rd amateur fight as he never has before and winning by 1 st  rd KO with A strong left hook.
 Lennox Chance vs Kieth Nesbit   :    Lennox Chance by 2 rd KO
 This was A Fight that was thrown together at the last imnute as the opponent for lennox Chance did not show up.Lennox Chance is an amateur world champion and it is very hard to find a last minute replacement for him so Kieth said he would do an exhibition with him even though he was not in fight shape.   They agreed to fight A pro-am exhibition fight and it was an awesome match with both fighters showing great technique as well as heart. They both landed some strong punches and kicks and Lennox Chance won by 2rd rd Ko off of A right hand. 
 Jason Kurdzeil VS Alexander Gomez :  Jason kurzeil by decission
 This was A 3 rd amateur fight and A rematch. Jen won the 1 st fight and we knew that this was going to be A great rematch. Dorian started out very strong and winning the first round hands down ,in round 2 Dorian started strong but started to show some signs of getting tired. In the second part of round 2 Jen landed some very good high kicks which won this round for her.In round 3 Jen continued to gain control and got the decission in this very tough match.. I look foward to seeing A 3rd match between these 2 strong women again. This fight was very close and both fighters deserve alot of credit for letting it all go in the ring and giving the crowd A great show.
  Mike Ryan VS Nathan Stokes  : Mike Ryan BY 2 rd KO
 Mike Ryan has been showing his srtength in the heavyweight full contact divission and is on a mission to fight Dan Lucas for there 3rd match for his World title.  Mike showed his experiance and used some strong boxing skills to control his opponent and mixing it with very strong kicks and winning with A spinning kick KO. I would make the rematch on my event for the title between Dan Lucas and Mike Ryan but we can not hold USKBA title fights in Ny at this time. I hope to see that fight on another event this year.
 Full results :
) Ernie Renkie v. James Meehan  Jr. Division Exhibition
2) Matt Berman v. Everrendo Casaruba, Berman Win by KO rd 3 (1:20)
3)Alan Jordan v. Brian Rochford, Rochford Win by Majority dec.
4) Mike Ryan v. Nathan Stokes, Ryan win by KO rd. 2 (1:01)
5) Chris Algeri v. Michael Vazuez, Algeri win by TKO (ref. stopped)
6) Tanya Rossi v. Mindy Nesbit , Rossi win by TKO ( 3 standing 8)
7) Anthony Rossi v. John Pugliose, Rossi win by TKO (3 standing 8)
8) Jennifer Sweeny v. Dorian Murry, Sweeny unanimous decision
9) Ricardo Lopez v. Kyle Murry, Murry win by KO 1rd. (1:41)
10) Jason Kurdzeil v. Alexander Gamez, Kurdzeil win by unanimous decision
11)Mike Moller v. Brad Lemley, Moller win by TKO  1st rd (Doc. stopage)
12) Ken Hewski v. Darnell Green, Hewski win by TKO 2 rd. (1:15)
13) Lennox Chance v. Keith Nesbith, Chance win by KO 2 rd (1:10)
14) Terrance O'Conner v. Kadir Kadi, O'Conner win by Majority dec.
15) David Cummings v. Tarek Rachad, Rached win by TKO (1:47)
16) Bustimonte v. Cambell, Campbell win by majority decision
For  more info on when the fights will be avilabile on www.badbreed.tv/ and on DVD check out www.ringoffirekickboxing.com


For more photos click above !

Terrance Oconner / Kadir kadir Muay Thai

Terrance Oconner " Winner "

Kyle Murray with Tommy "BEE" and round card girl !

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