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Bottone Beats Corleone in 7 Rd Low Kick Fight !


Top kick Championship Kickboxing NY Results 06/28/13
Quick Results : Team AFC
Lennox Chance wins by KO in 1
Tarek Rached wins by TKO IN 3
Greg Williams wins by dec
Shawn pierce wins by dec
Terence Lyons lost by blind judges
Tomas Forgal lost by TKO in 1

UKMMAC Results March 2013  - Florida  !
Results are official from the Ukmmac on 2/23/13 once again thank you for all of the support. The show was a tremendous success. Check it out on ring fever.com and will air on Espn I the future date to be announced.

Results as follows:

M...MA 135 lbs
Josh Gill wind unanimous decision over Anthony Nieves

Kickboxing 135 lbs
Giovanni Stewart wins split decision over Chris Weston

Women's kickboxing 135
Chaneyda Galvez Tko over Kelly Metzier 1:35 round 3

MMA 155 lbs JR Saintil Tko 1:07 over Jeremy Fiene round 3

MMA 145 Devon Dorsey Tko 13 seconds into 1st round over Sheldon Richardson

Kickboxing 135lbs Ray Ramos unanimous decision over Alex Navon

Kickboxing 155 lbs Julian Blondin unanimous decision over Angel Grenne

MMA 195 lbs Brent Edwards tap out Jonathan Lopez 1:49 round one

MMA 145 Logan Justin wins unanimous decision over Ray Paige 3 rounds

Kickboxing 130 lbs Diego Villalonga unanimous decision over Kether Jean-Gilles 3 rounds

Kickboxing 170lbs Rafael Crespo unanimous decision over Jessie McBroom 3 rounds

Special thanks to Espn, Ring Fever for covering the event and for Henry the Hitman Nieves and Stephan Bonnar for helping out.

Thanks Mitch Holeve and Baga ATT Davie for allowing us to support the G Money Exhbition

Garret G MONEY HOLEVE vs Mike MONSTER WILLIAMS for did a great Job. Keep up the good work G MONEY your awesome.
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Team USA Vs Team Canada 

Ottawa, Canada Dec 2 2012

Ottawa ,Canada - Team USA -Jean Yeves Therialt

Jonathon Lopez-Tommy Bottone-JeanYeves-Shawn Pierce Edit Picture

Team USA VS Team Canada In Ottawa , Canada . Dec 2, 2012
This event was promoted by Kickboxing Legend Jean-Yeves Therialt and Iceman Productions : The event is held in a beutiful Casino Hotel and promoted as good as any Pro event.
The fans of Kickboxing in Ottawa ,Canada where treated to some awesome fights.
There was 2 team Fights and the crowd loved them .
145 lbs Division : Shawn Pierce from USA fighting a Low Kick rules fight . This was a great match up with the American out boxing the Canadian for all 3 rounds and the Canadian fighter landing some very good Kicks . The judges gave the nod to the Canadian and some in the crowd where cheering Team USA and booing the decision after it was called for the Canadian.
195 lbs division :Team USA Jonathon Lopez 175 lbs US champion fought up in weight in the main event under Full contact rules and what a fight it was .
This fight started with the Canadian champion landing some strong Punches in the first which started the war .
in the second round Jonathon began to land some solid body Kicks which slowed the Canadian fighter down and the 3rd was mostly the same with Jonathon landing more Body Kicks and some solid punches from both fighters .
In round 4 the Canadian showed he was there to Win in front of his home town landing some very solid punches dropping Jonathon and just when the crowd thought it was over the young tough American got up and the crowd got up as well to see a wild finish to this unbelievable war with The Canadian fighter winning but he said after the fight that he has never been hit so hard in his career.
The Canadian fighter Won the fight and the NA Title but Jonathon won allot of new fans in Canada .
Team Canada was coached by Kickboxing Legend Jean-yeves Therialt .
Team USA was Coached by World Kickboxing Champion Tommy "BEE" Bottone.
The Fights where sanctioned by : The Canadian amateur kickboxing corporation
The event was sold out and kickboxing Fans in Ottawa where an amazing crowd .
There are plans for a Larger Team USA vs Team Canada event to be held in Ottawa in the Spring.

Results from:
 Ultimate Kickboxing / MMA- Miami August 12 th 2012
Jorge Capozolli 170 lb Muay - Thai wins unanimous decision over Chris Lopez

Emillio Rodriguez 135 lb wins unanimous decision over Raymond Ramos show title

Jonathan lopez 170lbs wins 2nd round ko over Faniano Amaral show title Muay- Thai

Brent Edwards 190 lb MMA unamious decision over Quinten Medina

Ray Page 145 MMA split decision over William Joya / MMA show title

Mj Holland 150lb Mauy - thai - ISKA state title 4th rd ko over Roybert Rey

Pro -Am Kickboxing November 18 2011
Results Featuring : Team AFC 4 - 0
John Gilliam Wins by 4th round Head KICK KO Vs Omar Cass of Buffallo ,NY
Lennox Chance Wins by Decission
Timmy Persaud Wins By Decission
Terrance Lyons Wins By Decission

John Gilliam Beats Jeremy Clouse by dec
UKC Miami May 1st 2010 - Kickboxing fundraiser

Marianna Kheyfets beats Chrissy Yandolli by dec
K-1 Rules at UKC Miami May 1 st 2010

Ken Hewski Wins ISKA World Title in Canada

John Gilliam Fights in China World tournament

TEAM USA VS TEAM CANADA - Ottawa The Real Story !

Lennox Chance and Mina Sarihasan Win in England

John Gilliam Wins USKBA World Championships



Some Early Results : From Ultimate Kickboxing Challenge in NYC at the Capitale on August 18 th !


                   Pro Fights :


Tommy "BEE" Bottone  wins by decission over Peter Keljavic in a 3 rd K-1 Style superfight .


Tarek Rached wins by decission over Davii Octenbuyer


Bobby Campbel Wins By decission over George Bustimonte


Tommy Rodriguez vs Kieth Nesbitt was not held due to medical reasons before bout.


               Amateur Fights :


John Gillliam wins by decission over Anthony Cruz


Byamunk Octenbuyer beats  his opponent by decission.


Female teen  rising star Mina Sarihasan's opponent cancelled last minute so she fought an exhibition match with a Boy  showing her great determination to fight.


Vinny Chappel wins by decission over Mustapha Muhamed


Dorian Murray wins by decission over Hanna Fisher


Anna Noel wins by decission over Erika Deleone


Shaun Thompkins Fought an exhibition mathc due to a weight difference with both fighters fighting hard for all 3 rds.


We will post all of the results when they come in from the WKA-USA.


  Ring Of Fire Promotions would like to thank all of the people that worked so hard to make this Charity Kickboxing event a sucess. 


  Ring Of Fire Promotions would also like to thank our speacial guest at the show 5  Time  World Boxing Champion Junior "Poisin" Jones.

17 year old Mina Sarihasan Wins USKBA title
Tommy Bottone and Chrissy Yandolli in photo :

Tarek Rached Beats Eric Pineratta for USKBA title
This was a decission in the Pro FC Rules divission

Lennox Chance wins Pro WKA US title Dec 3rd 2004


Watch Video Clips from The Ultimate Kickboxing Challenge here !

This Event will be avilabile on In Demand Internet PPV soon !
Ultimate Kickboxing Championship
Patchogue Theatre
Patchogue, New York
September 11, 2004

Event Match Winner Won By
Full Contact Zach Nudel vs Matt Berman Matt Berman Unanimous Decision
Full Contact Adam Czachor vs Brian Rochford N/A Exhibition
Full Contact John Gilliam vs Steven Castelli John Gilliam Unanimous Decision
Full Contact Chrissy Yandolli vs Jen Luisi N/A Majority Draw

UKC Kickboxing

Tommy Bottone vs David Cummings Tommy Bottone KO
1:40 of 2nd Round

UKC Kickboxing

Peter Keljavic vs Michael Coreleone Peter Keljavic KO
0:08 of 3rd Round
Full Contact Tarek Rached vs Jesus Velera Tarek Rached TKO
1:35 of 2nd Round
Full Contact Lennox Chance vs George Bustimonte Lennox Chance Unanimous Decision
Full Contact Billy Maysonnette vs Bobby Campbell Billy Maysonnette Majority Decision

UKC Kickboxing

Peter Keljavic vs Tommy Bottone N/A

Draw ** Under review **

See details Bellow for complete decission by UKC board.

Tournament champion


** REVIEW " The decission of the final fight of the 4 man tournament is under review as there was A conflict on the rules agreed upon by the Promoter,fighters ,judges,and referee for this match !

All factors along with the agreed upon rules as well as a video tape will be sent to A review borad for A winner to be determined .

These rules where agreed upon by all fighters before they signed to fight as well as in the fighter,referee,judges,rules meeting.

The rules where also printed in the program of the fight and publicly discussed in the fighter meeting as well as on Video tape for the Internet in demand PPV broadcast.

The 3 main factors which are under review :

1)  There was to be no even rounds called as well as no draws in the tournament so there would be a clear winner of the tournament in 3rds of all tournament fights .

2)   All Low kicks where to be allowed " Including catch kicks " with the exception of intentional direct knees joint attacks.

3)   A fighter is knocked down by A  Low kick while standing on 2 feet it is to be called a knockdown by the referee.

***Review Decission ***: 

  A review board has decided clearly according to the UKC rules agreed upon by the athletes ,the promoter,and the judges in the prefight meeting that the fight should have been scored differntly than was the decission of the judges that night.

The review board  decission:  If the fight was judged according to the rules agreed on before the UKC tournament the 3 judge pannel would have scored the match uninaimous 30-26 for Bottone

 After careful review of the clear missunderstanding of the rules and guidlines of which to judge the Ultimate kickboxing challenge from the judges and the organization in charge of the judges for this event the UKC borad and sponsors have agreed to respect the decission of the judges and keep the fight A draw  on the fighters records and the title will be held by the  champion which this event was created as a challenge to ( TOMMY "BEE" BOTTONE UKC World champion ).

  We at Ring of fire productions and the Ulimate Kickboxing challenge regret that the tournament was not judged on the guidlines that where explained to the athletes and the judges at the pre fight metting as well as written in the program for all to see.

  We hope to learn from this error in judgement be better preparred for such incidents on future fights.

We regret taking so much time to come to this decission but we feel that it was very important to carefully review all aspects of this decission.

 Our goal is top promote the sport for the athletes and the fans in an unbiased manner for all to enjoy the sport at its best.


Brian Rochford wins the UKC US amatuer title by forfiet as Danny Morales did not show for the fight.  Rochford foguht in an exabition bout with Amataeur World champ Adam Czachor for 3 good rds .
Chris Algeri Won the Pro UKC international title by forfiet as his opponent Edmondo Montero did not show for the fight .

NY Fighters try out for The Contender Tv Show

Tarek Rached fights at MSG
This was A Don King promotion

Tarek  Rached  Has great  Boxing match at Madison Square Garden !
 This was A Don King Promotion
Kickboxing Champion has great boxing fight at Madison square garden !
  Tarek Rached which is A USKBA low kick Champion Formely Of lebanon now training in Middle Ialsd,Ny with TOMMY "BEE" BOTTONE fought his 3 rd pro Boxing match on april 17 th 2004 at madison square garden on the Undercard of the Golata vs  Bird heavyweight title fight.
  Tarek Rached fought A very game undefeated fighter from Peurto Rico Juan Limberti. These two fighters came as A warm up fight for the big heavyweight title fights that followed but no one told them that. They put on what many said was the fight of the night with 4 knockdowns in 4 rds .They really got the crowd on there feet for the first fight of the night.
  Tarek Rached is a strong stand up right handed fighter with alot of Kickboxing experience and no amateur boxing backround and Limberti is A left handed fighter with very good boxing skill.
  In the first 2 rds it was obvious that rached  was  trying to close the gap on Limberti which was using his left hand stance to keep Rached at bay  landing some good body shots both rds where close with the judges giving the edge to Limberti. Rached was cut in rd 2 over his eye from A head butt and the blood was stopped in his corner before the next round so the fight went on without incident.
  In rd 3 the fight really got going with tarek getting into his range and taking control with strong left hooks and staright right hands . This is when it really got interesteing with tarek droping limberti with A left hook and after getting up Rached was overconfident and got caught with A straight left  and got dropped himslef .The round finished with tarek taking control again.It was obvious that rached was remembering his training on how to fight A southpaw now.The judges gave the edge to mr Limberti in this round.
   As I was working the corner for tarek rached I told him in the final round that he absolutley needed to win this round and win it big as I believed that whoever won this round would win the fight.
  He took my advice and took it well as he came out on fire taking control as the bell rang  being the clear agressor and droping Limberti 2 times before the end of the round and when  the final bell rang Limberti looked as he was very happy to see the end of this great battle. The crowd BOOED loudly at the decission of a draw.It was as great fight and A great experience for tarek rached. We hope to have A rematch inthe future as I am sure it will be another great fight.
  The judges gave the final rd to rached by A 10-7 margain making the fight A draw.
    I would like to thank the NYSACB for giving us the scorecards on request after the match.Mr Ron Stevens "the commissioner"contacted me personnaly to make sure that I recieved the score cards as requested for this article. I would also like to thank the Ny matchmaker for helping us to get this fight Jim Borzel and also thank Don king for giving this opportunity to tarek rached.
 This was a great chance for a Kickboxer to showcase his boxing ability on A major Don King promotion at MSG the worlds most famous arena.
 For information on upcoming fights for tarek Rached check out www.ringoffirekickboxing.com
this article was written by: 
World kickboxing Champion


Carlos Lamberti (4-0-1, 3 KOs) and Tarek Rached (1-1-1) fought to a very exciting draw that produced four knockdowns in a middleweight contest. Lamberti started the fight strong as he effectively countered Racheds attack with right hooks to the body and head. In the second, Lamberti got caught with a strong left hook to the head. Lamberti came back to finish the round strong with good right hooks. Rached dropped Lamberti with a hard left-right combination in the beginning of the third. Lamberti easily beat the count and came back to drop Rached with a straight left in the closing seconds of the round. Rached came back strong and dropped Lamberti twice with straight rights in the final round that had the crowd cheering. All judges scored the fight exactly the same, 97-97 for a draw. -- David Rodriguez
This article is from www.fightnews.com

**USKBA ACTION SPORTS News of...  ...MONDAY, APRIL 5, 2004 **


It took 28 seconds into Round 3 for TIM "Bring the Pain" LANE to win the WKA USA Championship Title. For his opponent, DIEGO MANNINO, it must have seemed longer. Mannino, a kickboxing champion from Argentina, took this fight after it was learned that Lane's original opponent, Edelmiro Montero, was delayed entry into the United States as a result of new stricter entry procedures. It was not know if Montero would make the fight in time, so Mannino (already in the United States) was brought in to fight Lane. Lane, the current USKBA Full Contact Kickboxing Super Lightweight World Champion, continued his dominance in our sport with an impressive TKO over Mannino. In other Pro WKA bouts; Antoine McCrae defeated Mike Ryan by Referee Stoppage, Bobby Campbell defeated Devon Cormack by majority decision and Chris Algieri won a unanimous decision over Guerino Pavone. The WKA sanctioned the pro bouts and the complete results can be found at their website at www.wkausa.com.

USKBA ACTION SPORTS Promoter Joe Puleio (Top Kick Championship Kickboxing), presented "SUPERFIGHTS - A Night of Champions" on April 2, 2004 at Sports Plus Events Center in Lake Grove NY. This marked the first time in 20 months that the USKBA worked with USKBA ACTION SPORTS Promoter Joe Puleio's events in New York. Thanks to the agreements between Promoter Puleio, Brian Crenshaw (WKA USA), the NYS Athletic Commission and the USKBA, the USKBA was responsible for the amateur bouts on the card and WKA USA was responsible for the event and sanctioning of the professional bouts. With the sanctioning aside, the packed house was treated to some terrific kickboxing action.

In USKBA Amateur Action;
Jordan Pergola def Clay Winn by TKO at :35 of Round 2.
Thomas Campbell def Nobu Hirooka by unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27).
Ron Pisano def Mark Axente by TKO at :49 of Round 2.
James Kyriakou def Mike Moller by Unanimous Decision (30-27, 29-28, 30-27).
Matthew Berman def Brian Damboise by TKO at 1:58 of Round 1.
Lennox Chance def John Mitchell by unanimous decision (30-26, 30-26, 30-26).
James Hieronymus def Alex Gamez by unanimous decision (30-25, 30-25, 30-26).
James Hodak def Brian Rochford by unanimous decision (30-26, 29-28, 29-27).
Rubin Lugo def Anthony Baranta by unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 30-27).
Steven Castelli def Jose Alfano by split decision (29-28, 29-28, 28-29).
Michelle Buzan def Lisa Hayes by unanimous decision (30-23, 30-24, 30-23).
Raul Nuncio def Kenny Lamb by unanimous decision (29-26, 29-26, 29-26).

The referees were; Donnie Carolei and Pat Sulivan. The judges were Steve Ventura, Joe Lamonica and Don Kanehl. The scorekeeper was Gillian Chevalier. Special thanks to the following clubs for their fighters; America's Finest Karate & Kickboxing, Gleason's Gym, Shaolin Self Defense Centers, US Karate Academy, Bellmore Kickboxing Academy, Titan's Boxing Club, Shaolin Kempo Karate, 5 Points Gym, AFC Kickboxing and Panza Kickboxing. For information of future USKBA ACTION SPORTS Promoter Joe Puleio events, call 631-360-8830.


Bottone Beats Corleone In 7 rd Low Kick fight !
Click On Photo for full story


On November 14, 2003, promoter Joe Puleio (Top Kick Championship Kickboxing), held his "SUPERFIGHTS" event at Sports Plus in Lake Grove NY. His event was sanctioned by the WKA. Some of the USKBA Licensed Fighters on the card included:

USKBA Pro Full Contact Super Middleweight World Champion Tommy "Bee" Bottone defeats Pro USKBA Full Contact Middleweight Northeast Champion Michael Corleone in a 7 round decision Leg Kick fight.

USKBA Pro Full Contact Featherweight World Champion Devon "The Energizer" Cormack defeats Bobby Campbell in a 5 round decision.

Chris Algieri def Tom Ingargiola by TKO. Ingargiola stepped into the ring at the last moment when Algieri's opponent was a no-show. In amateur bouts, Lennox Chance, Dorian Murray and Jennie Nedell were victorious.

USKBA 2003 tournament RESULTS !

Ring Of fire 10 Results


Atlantic City,January 17 th 2003 !!

TAREK RACHED Wins U.S. Low KICK Title fight!!


K-1 Las Vegas

Long Island kickboxing Challenge


Don Wilson and Tommy
Click on photo for full story !!


Fighters/ Pictures

Results From Ring of Fire VI

Results From Ring of Fire VIII

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