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                            Kickboxing Rules :
                ( UKC Pro 4 Man tournament )
            The Ultimate kickboxing Challenge
   All boxing punches ,Spinning back fist,all Kicks to the head,body,legs and knee strikes are allowed.
 Catching Kicks are legal as long as you follow up with  a punch or kick.
There is no clinching , No pulling head into knees,No direct attacks to knees joints allowed ,No elbows allowed .
 3 x 3 minute rds each match  for Tournament fights
up to 5 x 3 minute rounds for super fights.
There are no extra rounds in any UKC fight.
 There are no even rounds in UKC fights . Judges must determine a winner of each round and each fight in 3 rds.
 There are no draws in UKC tournament fights as the winner must be determined in 3 rds .  
 UKC  has devloped these rules to make A clear Champion of the tournament in the 3 round  format  .
                        Full Contact Kickboxing :
All boxing punches ,Spinning back fist and all kicks are allowed "above the waiste only" with a minimam 8 kicks per round. ( Some times Boot to boot sweeps are legal )
If A fighter does not meet his 8 kick minimam the fighter will loose 1 point . There is no Clinching or knees , No elbows allowed.  
 2 minute rds ! Amateur 3 rds except tile fights may be 5 rds.
Pro fights up to 12 rd world title fights !
                           Low Kick Kickboxing : 
 All boxing punches ,spinning back fist and kicks are allowed to the the the head,Body,and legs inside and outside with the exception of attacks to the knee joint. There is no kick minimam per round,no Clinching and no knees ,No elbows allowed.
2 minute rds ! Amateur 3 rds except title fights up to 5 rds !
Pro fights up to 12 rds for World title fights !
                                    Muay  Thai :
U.S. Mod rules : All boxing punches,Spinning back fist. Kicks are allowed to head.body and legs ,Knees strikes to body or legs. No direct attack on knee joints allowed.Sometimes elbows are allowed.Sometimes knees to head are allowed. Limited Clinching allowed.
Pro fights  3 minute rds ,some exceptions  /  Amateur 2 minute rounds.
World title fights 5 x 3 minute rounds !
In Thailand Knees to the head and elbows are allowed !!
                              Sanshou /  Sanda
All boxing Punches,spinning back fist,and Kicks to the body,head.legs, and in Sanda fights knee strikes are also allowed.  The main difference between this style and others is all throws are allowed.
3 x2 minute rds amateur except titles up to 5 rds.
5 x 3 minute rds  Pro with some exceptions !
In all rules it is not legal to hit to the  Groin ,back of the head,kneck or spine with any strike !!
Any fighter that looses 3 points in any fight for any reason will be disquaified !!
These are the general rules used in Kickboxing Worldwide and vary A little in different organizations.
Spinning back fist :  Legal in most of the US Organizations !

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