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Bottone vs Ventura

Paul Rosner / USKBA
Posted: 2001-09-03 06:38:09

Thanks to the diligence of USKBA Promoter World Champion Louis Neglia, the drive of USKBA World Champion TOMMY "Bee" BOTTONE and the determination of USKBA Champion TONY "TNT" VENTURA, the long awaited rematch between Bottone and Ventura will take place on September 21, 2001 on USKBA Promoter World Champion Louis Neglia's "THUNDER IN TIMES SQUARE". The battle between these two kickboxers will happen in an appropriate venue...WWF New York, in the heart of the New York City, Times Square.

This bout has been years in the making. On August 8, 1998, Bottone decisioned Ventura to capture the vacant USKBA Super Middleweight World Championship Title. After numerous title defenses, Bottone has yet to relinquish it. Ventura has gone on to win the USKBA Super Middleweight United States Championship Title. Ventura has been waiting for this day. Bottone has agreed that Ventura has earned another shot at the title. On September 21, 2001, Bottone will work hard to keep what he has earned. Ventura will work hard to see that he goes home with the belt that night. Get ready for war!

For additional information on "THUNDER IN TIMES SQUARE", call 718-372-9089 or visit the USKBA Website at www.uskba.com.

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  • \I started my kickboxing school without Obama

I started my kickboxing school without Obama

AFC Kickboxing / MMA was created in 1996 by myself and my top students . We had a dream and made it come true . Now we help kids in the area where we grew up to make there dreams come true .…

By : World Kickboxing Champion TOMMY "BEE" BOTTONE

Great Training Seminars Upcoming / Past

Battle of the Badges 2 coming June 18 th 2011 St James,NY More info soon !

World Kickboxing Champion TOMMY "BEE" BOTTONE
Speaks to Kids at Old Bethpage Middle school April of 2011   
  • Tommy Bottone added 2 new photos to the

    Upcoming fight shows :
    June 17 th 2011 - Pro am Kickboxing
    Smthtown sheritan Ny  Hotel
    June 18 th 2011 - Battle of the Badges Boxing
    SCSO VS SCPD - St james NY

    June 4 th 2010 - Pro am Kickboxing -K-1 rules
    St Joseph's College, Patchogue,NY
    Team AFC - Tarek Rached-John Gilliam-Chrissy Yandolli- Kenny lamb-Rob Snyder.
    June 11 th 2010 - Pro - MMA Ring of comabt
    Tropican Casino Hotel Atlantic Cuty,NJ.
    Team AFC- Lennox Chance

    May 1 st 2010 - Miami ,Florida  Ring Of Fire Presents
    World  Championship kickboxing Charity event
     To benenfit the FLEOA widows and Orphans
    Featuring : John Gilliam vs Jeremy Clouse  Fc Rules
                        Chrissy Yandolli  in a  k-1 rules  fight

    July 25 th : Lubock Texas
    U.S. Sanshou Team trials
    TOMMY "BEE" BOTTONE will be working the corner of Thomas lai

    Aug 22nd : Babylon ,NY
    Bobby Campbel presents am Kickboxing/ Muay-Thai
    Featuring Chrissy Yandolli, Stephen Zcachor ,Tommy Combs

    August 29 th : Tampa Florida
    Amir Ardabilly presents Am Kickboxing /Muay-Thai
    Special Guest : TOMMY "BEE" BOTTONE

    Sept 25 th : NYC
    Lou Neglia Presents Pro-am kickboxing/ Muay-Thai
    Featuring Chrissy Yandolli vs Andrea deangello Low Kick rules.

    Keep your eye on www. ringoffirekickb oxing.com for more updates :

    We are looking for fights for Pro fighters

    Tarek Rached 168 lbs kickboxing /Muay-Thai/Low kick

    Lennox Chance 130 lbs Kickboxing/ Luay-Thai/Low Kick/MMA

    516-885-9239 TOMMY "BEE" BOTTONE

     TOMMY "BEE" ON Seminar and Speaking tour !  
    TOMMY "BEE" with Kids at Candlewood Middle school

    in Dix Hills, New York May 29 th 2008


    Today was another great day in my martial arts career as I was invited to speak to The Kids at Candlewood Middle school in Dix Hills ,NY .


    Recently after learning that I am also a Corrections Officer the planners of some these events have asked me to speak about both careers so I speak of my childhood as a Punk which was turned around as a young adult by Kickboxing and how I now work in some of the most well known prisons in the U.S. I express to them that if I did not find Kickboxing that I could have been on the other side of the bars.

    My focas is as it always has been on the possative influense that Martial arts training has been on my life and the many young students that have trained with me and the opportunities that it has given so many of us to travel and make friends Worldwide in the sport.


    My goal is always to reach as many Kids as possabile with a possative message .Doing these classes  has been a tremendous experience for me and I hope to improve on

    them with each one that I do.

    Students At Pasadena , Elementary school

    TOMMY "BEE" BOTTONE - A speaking and seminar tour of Long island schools:
    May 15 th 2008 am classes - at Haupague High school
    This will be Tommy's first apearance at Haupauge high school and is looking foward to this event.
    May 15 th 2008 - 2:30 PM
    Longwood Junior High school  - Tommy will appear at his old junior high school in Middle island,Ny and help teach the AFC kickboxing class that is being taught there on a weekly basis by Female instructor  and US Champion Jennifer Sweeney.
     It is awesome to return o Longwood again as it is the school which Tommy went to growing up in  Middle island,NY and now it is even better due to jennifer Sweeney teaching classes in the school 2 times weekly.
    May 16 th 2008 - 11:50 am  
    Newfield High school , Seldon ,NY
    This will be  Tommy's 1 st time as a guest at Newfield high school in many years and is very much looking foward to his return .Newfield is very close AFC Kickboxing and it is great to get to meet some of the kids in this area.
    Tommy makes these appearances in a school near you to speak of his experiences in the martial arts for over 20 years as a Pro fighter,Trainer and coach of Team USA.
    Tommy speaks of the possative experience of  the sport which can make a difference in a young persons life . He speaks of his time traveling the world and making friends in places such as China,Greece,Ukraine,Peurto Rico,England and Canada as Coach of Team USA.


    Ken Hewski Wins ISKA World Title in Canada

    John Gilliam fights in World tournament in China

    John Gilliam Wins PKF World Title by 4th rd KO !

         Tarek Rached  Beats Davii Octenbuyer in 3 rd fight !

    Allysa Milano Does Charity Work Click for web site
    Tommy Bottone has done bodyguard work for Allyssa


    Mina Sarihasan - Lennox Chance Win in England

    John Gilliam Wins USKBA World Championships

    More Seminar info :

    NYC.gov Navigation
    The New York City Sports Commission Sports Animation
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    Special Events
    Ultimate Kickboxing Challenge presented by Ring of Fire Productions
    What: Ultimate Kickboxing Challenge presented by Ring of Fire Productions
    When: Friday, August 18, 2006 – 7:00pm
    Where: Capitale – 130 Bowery St.

    Capitale will play host to the Ultimate Kickboxing Challenge on August 18. Many of the best fighters from around the world will compete for some of kickboxing’s most coveted titles. The fight card will include both pro and amateur bouts in this full contact, low kick, Muay-Thai kickboxing event.

    In the main event, USKBA, WPKO Super Middleweight World Champion Timmy “Bee” Bottone is slated to battle Akmed Pepic. US Champion Bobby Campbell will square off against Matt Lyall in the 129lb. weight class. Other notable match-ups include Pro NA Champion Mike Ryan vs. Arman Merkanovic and NA Champion “King” Ken Hewski vs. Peter Keljavic.

    Proceeds from the event will be donated to the Federal Law Enforcement Officers Association Foundation, the NYC Patrolmen’s Benevolent Association and Drug Enforcement Agency’s Widows and Children’s Fund.

    For additional information regarding the fight card, please visit www.ringoffirekickboxing.com.

    For more information from last year's New York Best of the Best Kick Boxing Championships,
    please visit our Archive page.

    Last Updated On: Monday, June 26, 2006

    NYC Sports Commission Top of Page
       2 Washington Street, 15th Fl., New York, NY 10004 / Toll Free: 877.NYC.SPORTS / Fax: 212.788.7514


    Sport /  Plus Event center ,Lake Grove NY July 14 th 2006
    Main Event : Lennox Chance Wins decission against Bobby Cambel for the WKA NA Kickboxing title !
    Lennox and Bobby have fought  4 times now once as amateurs and 3 times as pros with Lennox getting the win in 3 of the fights . Bobby Campbell won there last match so Lennox was determined to change his game plan and worked very hard to adjust his style in training .He had a plan to gain control with his kicks early ,having patience landing some good body shots in every round and landing better combinations as the fight went on for 8 rds.
    Bobby Campbell fought hard  every round winning the 1 st rd on every card throwing some good spinning kicks as well as using some good  boxing skills from the lefty stance.
    It was apparent  that Lennox was determined to stick to his game plan and was landing more strong combinations every round.
    In the end  Lennox wins a decission and the crowd wins by KO as both fighters diplayed  awesome kickboxing skills .
    Tarek Rached Beats Mongolian Fighter by decission:
    Tarek Rached fougth 5rds against A very good Mongolian fighter Davii Octenbyer.
    This fight showcased 2 great fighters from other parts of the world which came to the US to make a name as pros.
    Tarek Rached formely of Lebanon has been in the US training with Tommy "BEE" Bottone for more than 4 years now and was a a former WKA,WPKA,WAKO World Champion. Since coming to the US Tarek has proven himself to be a great Pro winning a USKBA Low kick title,WKA full contact title and also winning in K-1 style rules and Pro Boxing  as well.  Tarek is expected to challenge for a Pro World title this year.
    Tarek was fighting a former Champion from the same circuit of tournamanets in Europe WKA,WAKO,WPKA  also having a strong boxing backround as well.
    These fighters started fast exchanging  hard punches early With Tarek getting dropped in the early rounds with a good right hand ,coming back using his superior kickboxing skills after rd 2 to take control and winning a decission .
    There is talk that these 2 fighters will meet again on August 18 th in NYC at the Ultimate Kickboxing Challenge www.ringoffirekickboxing.com
    John Gilliam wins WKA NA  amateur Title fight !
        John Gilliam in Photo with Mina Sarihasan
    Joh Gilliam fought for the WKA NA kickboxing title against Vinny Deangello for 3 good rds. John has been traning in Kicboxing for over 10 year with Tommy "BEE" Bottone and has been making waves in the sport over the last couple of years.
      John had a tough opponent in Vinny Deangello , Vinny came to fight and had strong punching and kicking skills. John was the clear agressor in every round landing strong body shots combined with good combinations while Vinny was on the ropes . Vinny surprised many in the crowd when landing some good body kicks off of the ropes.
    John Gilliam demonstrated his versatitlity by not only being the agressor but still was able to mix his punches with some awesome spinning kicks to the head and body.
      Both of these fighters are still teenagers John 19 -Vinny 17 and show what great  fights are to come in the future of the sport of kickboxing .
      There is talk already of a remacth for these young fighters.
    Other results : www.wkausa.com

    17 year old Mina Sarihasan Wins USKBA title
    Tommy Bottone and Chrissy Yandolli in photo :


    If you're in the Long Island NY area this Friday night, be sure to watch News 12 Long Island around 5:50 pm ,10:50 pm or Sat at 10:20 am . USKBA Amateur Junior Female Champion MINA SARIHASAN is scheduled to be featured as part of the news. Mina, from Middle Island NY, will be on the news promoting her upcoming USKBA Amateur Championship Title bout against Andrea Deangelo, of Brooklyn NY, at the Atlantic Memorial Boxing Club on June 11th at 2:00 pm.

    On Sunday, June 11, 2006, USKBA ACTION SPORTS Promoter Tommy "Bee" Bottone (AFC Kickboxing / Ring of Fire Kickboxing) will host the "LONG ISLAND KICKBOXING CHALLENGE" at the Atlantic Memorial Boxing Club in Shirley NY. This event will feature some of the best area amateur Kickboxing talent on the circuit today. Two Female USKBA Amateur Championship Title bouts will take place. Mina Sarihasan will be taking on Andrea Deangelo and Jennifer Sweeney will be squaring off against Jennie Nedel.

    The action starts at 2:00 pm. For tickets and information, call 631-345-0100, or visit the event website at www.ringoffirekickboxing.com.

    A special USKBA Officials Certification Seminar will take place prior to the "LONG ISLAND KICKBOXING CHALLENGE". At 11:00 am, the seminar will being. This seminar is to certify Officials to work USKBA Sanctioned events. Anyone interested in attending the USKBA Officials Certification Seminar, should call Promoter Bottone at 631-345-0100 to make the necessary arrangements. www.uskba.com   

    World Champ Tommy "BEE" Lands high Kick
    Tommy "BEE" is avilabile for seimars at your school
    May 4 th 2006 : William Floyd High School - Mastic ,NY
       TOMMY "BEE" BOTTONE  will hold a round table discussion at Career day with the High School students answering questions about becoming a marial arts instructor as well as owning a Martial Arts school and organizing events in the community.Tommy will dicuss his Pro Kickboxing Career , Coaching and traveling to other countries with Team USA.
                    July 10 th 2006  :  Sachem High School ,Ronkonkom,a ,NY
       TOMMY "BEE" BOTTONE  will  hold 2 training sessions at a MMA  training Camp. This training camp will also have UFC Champions,Wrestling Champions,Judo Champions ,and Jui-Jitsu Champions all holding clinics.

    April 6th 2006 : Pasadena Elementary School - Bethpage, NY!


    TOMMY "BEE" BOTTONE  Spoke to the 4th Grade Students At Pasadena Elementary School on April 6th 2006

        TOMMY "BEE" BOTTONE  had a great day at Pasadena Elementary School with 4 th grade students . Speaking about his positive experiences in the Martial arts as an Instructor, Pro fighter and Coach of Team USA.
      The children had many well thought out questions and showed great interest in the sport of kickboxing .
      The kids showed that they really have alot of interest in marial arts and where very interested in the fighters having the experince of traveiling worldwide  making friends  in many countries.



    Oleg Taktarov above showing knee bar at last seminar at AFC
                Friday   May 19th Middle  island NY  7:30 pm train with 
                               UFC  Champion / Movie Star
                          Oleg " The Russian bear " Taktarov 
                                         Call 516-885-9239
                                               Only $40.00

    Tarek Rached Wins WKA U.S. Full Contact Kickboxing Title

    World Combat League at Mohegan Sun Results

    Mina Sarihasan fighting at Mohegan Sun Casino

    Video footage of 16 year old Mina Sarihasan fight !

    Mina Sarihasan on England Kickboxing web site

    ** USKBA ACTION SPORTS News of... ...TUESDAY, JANUARY 10, 2006 **

    If you're in the Long Island NY area tonight, be sure to watch Channel 12 News around 5:50 pm. USKBA Amateur Junior Female Champion MINA SARIHASAN is scheduled to be featured as part of the news.

    Mina's trainer and coach, Tommy "Bee" Bottone (AFC Kickboxing) had issued a press release on Mina's activities and the fact that she is only 16 years old. Channel 12 News was quick to react to the press release and scheduled an interview with Mina. It seems that not only does Mina have a bright and promising career in the ring, but now she is making her debut on TV.

    Mina has impressed many people with her kickboxing skills. She recently was part of a top talent amateur kickboxing event at the Mohegan Sun Casino in Connecticut. "The Mohegan Sun Challenge of Champions" brought some of the top talent in Full Contact Kickboxing, Thaiboxing, San Da and Continuous Contact under one roof at one event. Mina won her bout.

    Best wishes for continued success to Mina!

    The above news item was from www.uskba.com

    Mina Sarihasan with Tommy "BEE" Bottone

    Press release:

    Where there is Smoke there is Fire !

    Mina Sarihasan Wins by 1 st rd TKO in the main event at Corleone Kickboxing Smoker on Long Island ,NY .

    This 16 year old Girl showcased unbelievabile boxing and head kicking ability for her experience .

    This fight takes Mina's undefeated record to 3-0 in kickboxing and 2-0 in continuous fighting.

    This 16 year old Fighter is the fastest growing Kickboxing star on the East Coast and will soon be competing on the National and International level.

    Mina has only been training for 1 year at AFC Kickboxing in Middle island,NY with World Kickboxing Champion Tommy "BEE" Bottone.

    Mina plans on competing at the WKA national, IKF World ,and the USKBA world tournaments this year. Mina also plans on fighting on more small events for experience as well as traveling to fight for other organizations such as the ISKA and KICK.

    Tommy "bee' Bottone talks to kids at local High
    Seminar at William Floyd High on May 5 th2005


    Oleg put on an excellent seminar at AFC Kickboxing.  Click on the photo above for pictures of the seminar as well as Oleg!

    DON "The Dragon " Wilson

    Don "The Dragon" Wilson hosted a great seminar at AFC Kickboxing!  Click on the photo above to see pictures and the full story from the seminar b
    MUAY-THAI Seminar with Sandy Holt of England
    Muay-Thai Seminar with Sandy Holt ,April 10 th in middle island,Ny 11953
          Sandy Holt has been a succesful one gaining titles such as British Lightweight Thai-boxing champion, British All-Styles Lightweight Thai-Boxing Champion and W.M.T.A. (World Muay-Thai Association) European Super Featherweight Champion.

    Check out the Sandy Holt web site : http://www.thaiboxing.co.uk/

    Muay-Thai pads training : The use of Low Kicking, Elbows and Knees combined With Boxing  !
    For info and reservations:  Sandy Holt Mauy-Thai

    Sandy Holt Seminar full report and photos !

    Lennox Chance Wins WKA US title Dec 3rd 2004

    Click on Poster for Full story

    Worldwide opinions on Bottone VS Schwartz

    Article on Tommy 'BEE" Seminar in Rochester ,Ny

    NY Fighters try out for The Contender Tv show

    Tommy "BEE" Bottone Story " Street fighter turned World Kickboxing Champion"

     New York Newsday November 14 2003 :
    Jackie Chan, Where Are You?

    This isn't a movie. Some real fighters will be throwing eight kicks each round along with their punches. Most of the fighters, such as Mike Corleone, who faces World Champ Tommy B. Bottone, are local, and there are a lot of fights - four professional, 15 amateur. The action is tonight at 7 at Sports Plus in Lake Grove. Tickets are $38-$55, call 631-360-8830.

    Ring Of fire 10 Results


    "A bit of San Shou History"

    Can you identify the two fighters in this picture? OK, it isn't the best picture in the world and really you'd have to be a historian of San Shou in the United States to take even an educated guess so I guess we have to tell you. The fighter on the left, blocking, is Josh Bartholomew of Boston San Shou. Josh was one to top amateur San Shou fighters in the country and a member of the US National San Shou team. Currently, he is the trainer of many of the country's top amateur and professional San Shou fighters. The fighter on the right, throwing the jab, is USKBA Full Contact World Champion Tommy "Bee" Bottone. Tommy is known today for his Full Contact fights but he came up in the Chinese fighting arts. Tommy held titles in both Kuoshu Lei Tai fighting and San Shou.

    Josh Bartholomew and Tommy "Bee" Bottone fought in 1995 at the New York San Shou Championships. The event, promoted by Steve Ventura and David A Ross, was organized as part of the publicity campaign for the 3rd World San Shou Championships, which was held in Baltimore, MD that year. It was also the very first time in history that a San Shou event was run as a carded event with pre-set matches. At the time, the idea was scoffed at. Of course, today carded events are not only a regular part of San Shou, they are the "big draws" in the sport. The 1995 New York San Shou Championships are an important part of San Shou's history and both Josh Bartholomew and Tommy "Bee" Bottone (Left) were part of this historic event.

    Currently, negotiations are under way for Tommy "Bee" Bottone to return to San Shou. He will return to face another legend and pioneer of the sport, Josh's own trainer Jason Yee (Right) and quite possibly for the vacant IKF Pro San Shou Super Middleweight Title. The under card figures to have a number of high profile San Shou matches as well.


    World Kickboxing Champion TOMMY "Bee" BOTTONE went back to the sport that saw him compete years ago. In a non-title scheduled five round San Shou bout, Bottone squared off against NATEEN ISMAIL. Ismail has appeared on many area events in Full Contact Kickboxing and Leg Kick bouts. Ismail felt his past experience would be helpful in branching out to San Shou. Perhaps Ismail bit off more than he could chew by going into the ring with Bottone. As the opening bell sounded, Ismail stood toe to toe with Bottone. But Bottone was all offense and Ismail played defense. Bottone was able to connect with low kicks that seemed to slow Ismail down. Then Bottone connected with a head shot that sent Ismail to one knee. Referee Pat Sullivan ushered Bottone to a neutral corner and proceeded to begin the count on Ismail. It was visible that Ismail's left eye was closed. Ismail remained on one knee while the referee counted to ten. The fight was over and Bottone was given the KO at :55 of the first round.

    The Main Event of the "LONG ISLAND KICKBOXING CHALLENGE" went fast and smooth as did the previous bouts on this event. The undercard featured many title holders in non-title bouts showcasing Full Contact Kickboxing, Leg Kick Kickboxing, K-1 (TM) Style Kickboxing and Free Style Wrestling.

    In a Free Style Wrestling bout, LENNOX CHANCE and KYLE MURRAY faced off against each other in a match scheduled for 3 two minute rounds. The beginning of the match had both wrestlers going for control of the match. The fight went to the canvas with Chance attempting a hold on Murray. Murray turned the tide and had Chance in control as the two fighters went to the ropes. Referee Pat Sullivan brought the fighters away from the ropes. Murray put a headlock on Chance that had Chance trying his best to keep his shoulders off the canvas. Murray applied additional pressure and managed to pin Chance. Murray was given the victory by way of pin at 1:41 of the first round.

    In a Full Contact Kickboxing bout, STEVE VENTIMIGLIA and JOSH BEAUREGARD met in a scheduled three round contest. The opening bell sounded and the action began. The action remained throughout the entire fight. Beauregard landed clean kicks and punches. Ventimiglia tried to brawl his way to winning the round. Beauregard put the pressure on Ventimiglia. All three judges gave the round to Beauregard. The second round ended in a similar fashion. Two judges gave the round to Beauregard, while one judge gave the round to Ventimiglia. The third round saw Beauregard continuing his display of kicks and punches while Ventimiglia seemed to go all out to take him out. Ventimiglia picked up Beauregard and threw him to the canvas. In San Shou it would have been a good throw. In Full Contact Kickboxing, it's a no-no and it had Referee Pat Sullivan issuing a point deduction for Ventimiglia. In addition to the point deduction, Ventimiglia was issued a standing eight count courtesy of Beauregard's relentless attack. The fight went the distance with Beauregard winning a unanimous decision.

    In another Full Contact Kickboxing bout, JENNIFER SWEENEY and CHRISTINE CAPOZZOLA met in a scheduled three round contest. Sweeney looked sharp as she was able to connect with kicks to the body and head of Capozzola. Capozzola fought back valiantly but seemed to fall a little short of taking control. This happened through all three rounds with both fighters thoroughly exhausted for the third round. Capozzola mustered all she could to take the fight to Sweeney. Sweeney dug deep and fought a smart final round. When the final bell rang, it was clear that both fighters gave their all. The unanimous decision went to Sweeney.

    In other action
    Full Contact Kickboxing
    MIKE QUINONES def RON MURRAY by TKO at :28 of Round 2.
    Leg Kick Kickboxing
    CHRISSY YANDOLLI and BRIANA FARRO fought an exhibition.
    Full Contact Kickboxing
    JENNIFER LUISI def SUZANNE JARVIS by unanimous decision.
    Full Contact Kickboxing
    DORIAN MURRAY def DANIELLE DONOVAN by TKO at 1:07 of Round 3.
    K-1 (TM) Style Kickboxing
    ERIC ROBERTSON and CONNOR McGORRY fought an exhibition.
    Full Contact Kickboxing
    JOHN BOTTONE JR. and JOHN WILLIAMS fought an exhibition.

    For information on future Ring of Fire Production events, Call 631-345-0100 or visit their website at www.ringoffirekickboxing.com.



    **USKBA ACTION SPORTS News of...  ...TUESDAY, MARCH 30, 2004 **


    On September 4-5, 2004 our "2004 USKBA ACTION SPORTS WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS" will take place at RexPlex Sports Complex in New Jersey USA. We will be running amateur tournaments in 5 different action sports; Full Contact Kickboxing, San Da, Thaiboxing, Freestyle Sambo and Continuous Contact. Each tournament has it's own coordinator (promoter). Now we'll tell you a little about our "2004 FULL CONTACT KICKBOXING AND CONTINUOUS CONTACT WORLD CHALLENGE" Coordinator Tommy Bottone.

    Tommy Bottone is the current holder of six world kickboxing middleweight championship titles including the USKBA Full Contact Kickboxing Super Middleweight World Championship Title. As a promoter, Tommy, with his brother John, created the popular New York "RING OF FIRE" fighting events in 1998. He had found out that his childhood friend, Cindy Quinn, had been murdered and decided to dedicate the first RING OF FIRE event to Cindy's memory and to give the money they raised to her family.

    Prior to his formal training, Tommy was fighting on the streets and remembers his introduction to the martial arts. "As I was putting gas in my car I looked across the street and I see this little guy beating up all these big guys through the window of this karate school" said Tommy. "I went over to the school and watched for a while, and when there was a break I went up to the little guy and told him that I wanted to come and fight in his school" he continued. The little guy was kung fu master Sifu Moses Arocho, who then began formally training Tommy. One of Tommys dreams became a reality when he was asked to appeared with Chuck Norris on the now famous "Legends" episode of "Walker, Texas Ranger". Tommy currently teaches at his AFC Kickboxing school in Long Island NY and has trained numerous champions including world championship title holders. Remembering that the martial arts saved his life, Tommy realizes that he has come a long way since his street fighting days in New York. He now hopes to save other lives by teaching what he has learned


    Ring of Fire News


    Radio Martial arts interview with Tommy "BEE"

    8 year old Kickboxer "Conner Mcgorry Story "

    Ring Of Fire 9 Results and Story !!

    Batle Of Tampa bay 4 2002

    Walker Texas Ranger

    Results From Ring of Fire VI


    Team USA goes to Greece





    Archives and photos


    NYC Boxing News


    K-1 News

    STOR</font><font color="#000080">E



    Sandy Holt Muay Thai Seminar in Middle Island, New York by Wendell R. Mangibin / April 12, 2005

    On Sunday April 10, 2005, double British and European Thai boxing champion Sandy Holt made a trip across the pond to give a seminar on Muay Thai in Middle Island, New York. 

    The seminar took place in American Fighting Concepts (AFC) Kickboxing and was hosted by World Kickboxing Champion Tommy 'Bee' Bottone, owner and head-instructor of AFC.  Students of all styles, levels and ages attended-- most of which were Long Island martial artists looking to include Muay Thai in their training.  They came to the right place: Sandy Holt, founder and president of the UK Muay Thai Association (UKMTA), is a fifth degree Red and Silver  (Kruang-Lruang) which is the equivalent of fifth dan-- the highest grade a Thai Boxer can achieve before becoming a Gold which is the mark of the Master.  Known in several circles as 'McMadman,' Holt greeted each student with a handshake and a warm smile.

    The seminar started with a brief history and introduction to Muay Thai. Holt shared his experience of Muay Thai in both Thailand and Europe, the effectiveness of having 'eight weapons' in your arsenal, and the infinite number of combinations you have at your disposal. He proceeded to do warm-up exercises, which was a chance to show the class his impressive one-thumb press-ups (that's push-ups to us Americans).  Holt demonstrated how simple bodyweight exercises were equally effective, if not more effective, than weightlifting.

    Then it was on to training, which consisted of various rudimentary techniques including: stance, clinching, knee and leg attacks, elbows, punches, and blocking as well as ring strategy.  Students learned how to execute each move as well as how to properly hold a Thai pad, which Holt emphasized was similarly important.  Everyone received abundant attention from Holt, giving corrections when needed.  His explanations were detailed, clear and funny.  Throughout the seminar, Holt had a way of displaying a lightening fast deadly attack, but always followed up with a hilarious joke.  It was obvious that the class enjoyed themselves.

    After a short cool down session, Holt spoke candidly about his background, being bullied as a small child in England, how he found Muay Thai and the importance of martial arts with regard to self-confidence.  He also commented on his journeys to Thailand and other parts of the world, his teacher Master Sken and his bit part in an upcoming Jackie Chan film.  In closing, he paid special thanks to Tommy 'Bee' Bottone for offering up his school, his students and his time.  It was a rare opportunity for everyone to work with two champions.

    For more information on Sandy Holt visit www.thaiboxing.co.uk.

    About Tommy 'Bee' Bottone and AFC Kickboxing:  Tommy 'Bee' Bottone himself has taught many mixed martial arts/self defense seminars.  He has been inducted in the PKF Hall of fame for Full Contact Instructor of the Year in 2002, Fighter of the Year in 2003.  He was also ranked #1 by Inside Kung Fu Magazine in 1994 as an amateur Sanhou Champion before turning pro in 1995.  He then went on to win many world titles as a professional kickboxer. His school, located in Middle Island, New York, specializes in kickboxing, boxing, grappling and sanshou.  It has been a host to kickboxing legend Don 'The Dragon' Wilson and UFC champion Oleg 'The Russian Bear' Taktarov, both friends of Bottone.

    If you would like more information on classes and directions to AFC Kickboxing, contact Tommy Bottone at 631-345-0100 or go to the website at www.ringoffirekickboxing.com.

    ** The above photographs are the property of Tommy 'Bee' Bottone/AFC Kickboxing and are being used with his permission. These photos are not for commercial use nor are they to be used on any other website.

    Article written about TOMMY "BEE" BOTTONE seminar in Rochester ,NY:
    Written By Don Burns:

        An abundance of information--this is the only way I can adequately sum up World Kickboxing Champion Tommy “Bee” Bottone’s seminar at Mountain Storm, in Charlotte, N.Y., on July 14, 2001.
            Having a martial arts background, I have attended, participated, and held many martial arts and self-defense seminars. Tommy’s was different. While other seminars focus on self-defense, kickboxing, or ground fighting, Tommy’s incorporated all three. At first, the thought of a four-hour seminar seemed daunting, but Tommy’s charisma, obvious experience, and especially his love for this art kept me wanting more (as any good public speaker can do).
            What impressed me most was Tommy’s preparation. Although he prepared for the seminar, Tommy took the time to watch the fighters at Mountain Storm so he could tailor his lesson to their specific needs. So, while he displayed proper technique and angles, Tommy also brought to light the strengths and weaknesses of the individual fighters in an effort to help them adjust their own styles.
            As for the grappling segment of the seminar, to say I was impressed would be an understatement. Tommy performed each escape, take down, and submission hold without flaw, taking time to show the counter for the respective move. Each of Tommy’s movements was performed effortlessly and fluidly, clearly revealing his mastery of the art.
            Tommy’s visit to Mountain Storm was action filled. He didn’t pause once or reflectively stop to think of what would come next. In fact, Tommy continually stated, “You want more? I always have more!”

         TOMMY "BEE" BOTTONE  is  chosen for Kickboxing Reality show The Diamond belt Championship !
       This show will be filmed in Moscow,Russia in January 2006.
                                CURRENT NEWS

    Ring Name: TOMMY "BEE" BOTTONE
    Real Name: Tommy Bottone

    List the tournaments and championships you have won last year:

    My last Tournament which I won was the Ulitmate kickboxing Challenge _September 11th 2004 held in Pathcogue ,NY. This was a 4 man winner take all event with rules similar to the K-1.

    When and where you defend your World Champion title the last time? (Note also the type you won – by points / by KO):

    My last USKBA Full contact World title defense was September 21st 2001 beating Tony "TNT" Ventura in NYC at the WWF Center in Times Square which I won the title from in 1997 winning both fights by decision. Tony Ventura earned the right to fight for the title by knocking out a great fighter in rd 1 which I also beat 2 times John Kenny in Atlantic City Nj at the Tropicana Casino Hotel. My fights with Tony where great fights as well as my fights with John Kenny which earned his right to a title fight with me by Knocking out a fighter Mike Sexton which beat me early in my pro career before I had the title in a elimination fight for a shot for my title.

    What is your soap-box (the mighty of your kicks’ arsenal such as hands / legs speed, KO kicks, tactics etc.)?

    I believe that my best asset is my versatility as I have had different points in my career in which I was known in Full contact rules for my 1 punch ko power, my kicking ability ,my spinning back fist or strong left hook as well as strong low kicks in K-1 style ,low kick ,and sanshou fights._

    I think my best technique is my right hand as it has served me well for many ko,s in my career.

    What is your favorite style such as full contact, muay-thai, low kick? I actually love all fights equally as long as it is a good competitive fight as I have seen great fights under all rules and respect all fighters and rules.

    I personally like to fight under K-1 rules the best as I love the short fights in a tournament setting using many techniques. I think it makes it very exciting. I also think the no holding rule makes for very clean professional fights. It has been proven to be a great concept which most people really enjoy.

    I think that fighting under such rules fits my fighting style best as well as I like to fight aggressive using power techniques. I also think that these type if events force the fighters to fight harder early and make for better fights.

    How could you describe your own manner of fighting?

    I like to think that I am a smart fighter which can adapt very quickly to make a fighter fight the fight in which he does not want to fight. I believe that a fight for top pro fighters is 90% Mental as they will all be in good shape and all want to win. I have always thought that if you can make a guy fight your fight than you are on your way to a victory.

    When did you start to go in for kickboxing? How did you come to this sport?

    I was a troubled teen as I was always in trouble for street fighting and was very lucky to find a place to put this energy when I was 21 years old. I was very close to getting into much trouble with the law. I just happened to pass a full contact kung fu school while getting gas and saw this little dude fighting with all of these big guys and said to myself that is cool. I want to be able to kick like that. I went into his school and said that I wanted to fight. He said that every one says that and it would take a long time of hard training before fighting. I said I wanted to as soon as possible and he let me spar with some very good fighters and to make a long story short I did very well. He told me that he thought that I had the most potential of any one he has ever seen to become a world champ and that was the beginning of the rest of my life. That day I told myself that this is what I want to do with my self and stop getting in trouble. I was never in trouble with the law again. I am fully aware that kickboxing has saved my life and this is why I love to teach the youth. The little teacher sparring was my first instructor Sifu Moses Arocho.

    Who was your first trainer?

    Sifu Moses Arocho - Former Kickboxer and Kung Fu expert from Peurto Rico.

    Who are your present trainer and manager?

    I have had many trainers in my career and have had the chance to train with some great fighters.

    Boxing Trainer : Kenny Davis / Brother of Howard Davis (Olympic Gold Medalist 1976 ) .

    Kickboxing,Full contact Kung Fu : Sifu Moses Arocho

    Wrestling coach: Tony Pereza ,National wrestling champion

    Corner man: Keith Youngs/ Former World kickboxing Champ

    I have also learned a lot from friends in the game which are legends such as:

    Don "The Dragon” Wilson - Kickboxing legend, Movie Star

    Oleg Taktarov - UFC Champion, Movie star

    My brother John Bottone is my manager.

    The place and date of birth:

    I was born in the Bronx, NY.

    Your hobbies and passions:

    I really enjoy martial arts training so much that it is also my hobby to continue learning as much as I can about all fighting styles and hope to improve every day.

    I also enjoy spending time with the children in my life such as my Neice Courtney 4 years old which I am very close to as well as my nephews Tylor 3, and Joseph 5. There is nothing better than spending time with these children.

    Write anything you would like to add about yourself:

    Kickboxing is the venue which has saved my life from going into a very dark place. I was the guy that everyone said would be dead or doing life in jail by the time I was 21 years old. I cherish all of the great experiences that I have had traveling the world to compete and coach Team USA and meeting all of the great friends which I have made along the way. I think that the best thing that I can be give back to this sport is giving kids a chance to have such great experiences. My school AFC Kickboxing in middle island, NY which I opened in 1996 has been a dream come true as I can help develop young kids in a positive way. I try to use my experience to help them achieve there goals which is something which words can not explain.

    People sometimes ask me why I do so much in the sport such as fight ,promote events (Ring Of Fire Kickboxing), and coach fighters sometimes all in the same night. I tell them that when I started there was not much happening around here for the sport and I never want it to be like that again. It is important that the fighters have a venue to get the experience to get to a high level if they want to compete on an international level.

    In recent years we had many problems promoting events in NY as the state made the sport illegal. With a lot of hard work we have begun to get back on track and plan to do many promotions in the future.

    In my life time I have had a second chance and hope as leaders in this sport we can make it easier for kids in the future of this sport to get that second chance which I was given.

    I know that there will be many great fighters fighting for the Diamond  belt tile and I am honored to have this chance to not only become the undisputed champion among so many greats but also the chance to make a very big pay day which I can help to build the kind of training facility which I always dreamed of. I have always dreamed of building a live in training camp (Non- Profit) for troubled teens. This facility would also be available for international fighters to come train and hold seminars for kids as well as hold fights for the local kids at the camp as well.

    The only disappointing thing about being a pro kickboxer for me has been that there has been no financial gain for myself and I was forced to go back to work full time as a manager in a major distribution center for the biggest electronics and appliance giant in the US. (PC Richard and son) the company has 49 super stores and is growing every day.

    In having to go back to work it has given the chance to back to work in the industry which helped to build my school. Before I was a kickboxer My love was really the trucking industry. I guess this is why I was able to be very successful at an early age. Now I have come back to the industry which I have always loved and still get to be a part of the sport that we all love so much.

    From the time in which I was thrown out of High school until my school was successful I had a trucking business which was successful and gave me the capital to open my school. After seven years of fighting professional ,teaching as well as traveling with team USA I was forced to go back to work full time as I could not maintain my school after the state would not allow me to fight or promote in my area for 2 years.

    I thank the company that I work for PC Richard and son as they have agreed to support me in my goal of becoming the Diamond belt champion.

    They have agreed to give me the time off that I will need to go to Moscow to be a part of this great event. it is very rare that such a large company would allow you take so much time for a sport and keep your job. I think it is because they are a family business 95 years in buissness which also loves sports as the owners drive race cars on a regular basis. They are aware that this is great opportunity for my in my career as Kickboxer and they are willing to make adjustments so I can try to reach my goals.

    My best experience in martial arts was being a guest on the final episode of the Walker Texas Ranger show "Legends episode" with Chuck Norris. This show was a tribute to Kickboxing. They had many legends of the sport on this show such as Don "The Dragon" Wilson, Joe Lewis and Bill "Superfoot" Wallace. I will never forget this awesome experience.

    I have saved the most important thing for last. Through out my almost my entire career there have been 2 people which have always been there to support me and with out this support there would be no school, promotions or fight career. This is my wife MaryAnn and my step son Kevin. They have supported me through all of the ups and downs, the injuries, and the financial stress which this has come with being a pro kickboxer. I am extremely grateful to have them at my side.

    Active world professional kickboxing and
    muay - thai champions’ selection
    Stage One

    Ladies and gentlemen!

    We start to introduce you the active world professional kickboxing and muay - thai champions – the applicants for participation in the most prestigious television super project «The Diamond Belt Champion» and the title of the overall world champion in the given weight class. For the first time in the history of the television and the world kickboxing 16 super fighters - the real stars! - will struggle for the most prestigious trophy which is a golden belt covered with diamonds valued at 150,000 USD and a prize reward of 300,000 USD.

    The winner of «The Diamond Belt Champion» will no doubt be the strongest kickboxing and muay - thai champion on the planet in the weight classes of 66.8 – 72.2 kg. The fighter will have to pass various tests that are only under capacity of the real champion.

    The given publication bears information character. We are to tell you about the champions who have been past the first selection stage of the super project which broadcasting will be carried out worldwide so the admirers while pending the beginnings of show could learn more about the applicants for participation in the most prestigious tournament in the world for today " The Diamond Belt Champion ".

    And the Number One in our list is the world kickboxing champion in super middle weight

    Current World titles held:

    • USKBA World Full contact Kickboxing Champion,
    Won 1997

    • WPKA World Full contact Kickboxing Champion,
    Won 1997

    • PKF World Full contact Kickboxing Champion Champion,
    Won 2003

    • UKC World (K-1 Style) 4 man tournament champion 170 lb limit Won 2004

    Professional records
    Total fights: 47, Wins 41
     Losses: 5 , 1  Draw  21 by KO

    The next fighter is the world kickboxing champion in super middle weight

    Current World title held:

    • World Champion IKBO, Super League Fighter

    Mark is 23 years old (high 174 cm, weight 72 kg)

    His trainer is Klaus Waschkewitz (Germany), IKBO President, his
    Best Boxers in the past are Stefan Leko (World champion Muaythai
    & Kickboxing, K-1 Japan many times), Kemal El Amrani
    (World champion Muaythai, Super League fighter)

    His manager is Branko v. Grimsic (Arjarn) (Germany/Yugoslavia),
    AITMA Delegate

    Professional records
    Fights: 29
    Won: 25
    Lost: 4
    KO: 13

    The next issue will present you these champions as well as the other ones in details. We will tell you about their professional achievements, private life, about their hobbies and passions.

    Welcome to «The Diamond Belt Champion» show!



    The Diamond Belt Champion project is introduced by the International Kickboxing Association IKAS www.ikaskickboxing.com and Production Center ‘IVAN’ (Russia).

    ‘The Diamond Belt Champion’ invites 16 active world professional kickboxing and muay - thai champions from any world federations. These 16 fighters will struggle for the most prestigious trophy in the history of the world kickboxing which is a golden belt covered with diamonds valued at 150,000 USD and a prize reward of 300,000 USD.

    There are many world federations with an active champion that holds a world champion belt. Each praises its own champion! Besides, there are many tournaments such as ‘Best of the Best’, ‘The Golden Ring’, etc. They invite fighters even without world champions’ titles, and still the organizers claim their sportsmen best on the planet.

    Hence we propose to all active champions of the world to demonstrate their strength and win the most precious and honored belt in the history of the world kickboxing. The one to hold this belt will no doubt be the strongest champion on the planet in a given weight class. The fighter will have to pass various tests that are only under capacity of the real champion.

    This project will vary greatly from similar events. The show organizers chose to combine this prestigious sport contest with the most popular television format of ‘reality show’. In the course of 6 week television show we are eager to show a tough way any real sportsman has to go to take victory.

    Financial terms:



    Contact us at....