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Ultimate kickboxing Challenge 9/11/04 Results
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Ultimate kickboxing Challenge
Ultimate kickboxing Challenge 9/11/04 Results
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RESULTS OF Ultimate kickboxing Challenge 9/11/04

Bobby Campbell and Billy Maysonette

Click on Photo for to watch video from this fight !


Bottone VS Keljavic Rematch for TO Decide the Ultimate Kickboxing Challenge
                     Bottone Wins at UKC NYC Event !

Rematch of Bottone-Keljavic Results-Capitale NYC

Video Clips from The UKC fights on BEE TV!

Ultimate Kickboxing Championship
Patchogue Theatre
Patchogue, New York
September 11, 2004

Event Match Winner Won By
Full Contact Zach Nudel vs Matt Berman Matt Berman Unanimous Decision
Full Contact Adam Czachor vs Brian Rochford N/A Exhibition
Full Contact John Gilliam vs Steven Castelli John Gilliam Unanimous Decision
Full Contact Chrissy Yandolli vs Jen Luisi N/A Majority Draw

UKC Kickboxing

Tommy Bottone vs David Cummings Tommy Bottone Low kick KO
1:40 of 2nd Round

UKC Kickboxing

Peter Keljavic vs Michael Coreleone Peter Keljavic Head Kick KO
0:08 of 3rd Round
Full Contact Tarek Rached vs Jesus Velera Tarek Rached TKO
1:35 of 2nd Round
Full Contact Lennox Chance vs George Bustimonte Lennox Chance Unanimous Decision
Full Contact Billy Maysonnette vs Bobby Campbell Billy Maysonnette Majority Decision

UKC Kickboxing

Peter Keljavic vs Tommy Bottone





** In a Note to fans TOMMY "BEE" BOTTONE gave Peter Keljavic a rematch in a UKC Superfight on the next UKC Event as promised and won by decission clearly making Tommy Bottone the UKC Champion.

** REVIEW " The decission of the final fight of the 4 man tournament is under review as there was A conflict on the rules agreed upon by the Promoter,fighters ,judges,and referee for this match !

All factors along with the agreed upon rules as well as a video tape will be sent to A review board for A winner to be determined .

These rules where agreed upon by all fighters before they signed to fight as well as in the fighter,referee,judges,rules meeting.

The rules where also printed in the program of the fight and publicly discussed in the fighter meeting as well as on Video tape for the Internet in demand PPV broadcast.

The 3 main factors which are under review :

1)  There was to be no even rounds called as well as no draws in the tournament so there would be a clear winner of the tournament in 3 rds of all tournament fights .

2)   All Low kicks where to be allowed " Including catch kicks " with the exception of intentional direct knees joint attacks.

3)   A fighter is knocked down by A  Low kick while standing on 2 feet it is to be called a knockdown by the referee.

***Review Decision ***: 

  A review board has decided clearly according to the UKC rules agreed upon by the athletes by contract,the promoter,and the judges in the prefight meeting that the fight should have been scored diferent than was the decission of the judges that night.

The review board  decision: The Review board scoring the final match according to the rules agreed on by all parties fighters,promoters and officials as was written in the event program would have scored the match as unanimous decission for Bottone 30-26

  After careful review of the clear missunderstanding of the rules and guidlines of which to judge the Ultimate kickboxing challenge from the judges and the organization in charge of the judges for this event .The UKC board and sponsors have agreed to respect the decission of the judges and keep the fight A draw  on the fighters records. The title will be held by TOMMY "BEE" BOTTONE as the tournament was created as A challenge to him for the title. " SEE next paragraph"

This event was created by Ring of fire promotions  due to the fact that Peter Keljavic and Michael Corleone Both wanted to rematch Tommy "BEE" Bottone from previous fights under different rules and Tommy was under negotiations to fight other fights. Tommy agreed that they would fight each other and he would fight David Cummings and if Tommy won he would fight the winner of kelajavic and Corleone  to prove who the best in the divission was.There was to be A 3 round  final with no even rounds in any fight and 1 winner of this tournament to be decided in 2 / 3 rd fights.all low kicks where to be legal as well as knees with no clinched which was all discussed at the pre fight meeting as well as in the fighter agreemants and written in the fight program for the public to view.

  We at Ring of fire productions and the Ulimate Kickboxing challenge regret that the tournament was not judged on the guidlines that where explained to the athletes and the judges at the pre fight meetting as well as written in the program for all to see.

  We hope to learn from this error in judgement be better preparred for such incidents on future fights.

We regret taking so much time to come to this decision but we feel that it was very important to carefully review all aspects of this decission.We also felt that this was the best decission which could be made without affecting the records of the athletes which put on a great show for the sport of kickboxing .

 Our goal is to promote the sport for the athletes and the fans in an unbiased manner for all to enjoy the sport at its best.

Brian Rochford wins the UKC US amatuer title by forfiet as Danny Morales did not show for the fight.  Rochford foguht in an exabition bout with Amataeur World champ Adam Czachor for 3 good rds .
Chris Algeri Won the Pro UKC international title by forfiet as his opponent Edmondo Montero did not show for the fight .

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