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   Mina Sarihasan, 17 years old from Middle Island NY USA, won a 3 round amateur full contact rules kickboxing bout against Vicky Ransom, 27 years old of England.
   This was an entertaining bout, as Vicky started out with a strong attack in Round 1 with Mina keeping her composure and landing some good combinations.
  In Round 2, Mina found that her front kick was a very effective weapon for this fight and began landing it at will and gaining control by using it to set up some great hand and leg combinations.
  Round 3 found Mina in control and showcasing some strong boxing and kicking combinations. She was the aggressor for the entire round. Mina also landed a very strong roundhouse kick to the neck. Vicky showed how tough she was as she continued fighting strong to the final bell.
  This was the first time Mina Sarihasan has fought outside of the U.S. and was thrilled to fight in England. She hopes to return to Europe to fight again.
  Mina 's record is now 7-0-0 holding a NYS and East Coast title and this undefeated young female fighter plans on becoming an Amateur World champion at 124 lbs in the near future.
  Mina's trainer, Tommy Bottone, has said that he is amazed at the great skill and will that Mina possesses for such little experience (only 2 years in training). Tommy said that in all of his years of training and fighting he has never seen anyone learn as quickly as Mina and is really happy to see her success in fighting at only 17 years old.

In a Pro kickboxing bout scheduled for 10 rounds, Lennox Chance USA wins by 3rd Round TKO. Lennox Chance, fighting out of AFC Kickboxing in Middle Island NY with World Champion Tommy "BEE" Bottone, was the featured Pro fight on September 3, 2006 at the Casino Rooms in Rochester England.
  Lennox fought against European Champion Paul Wiffen of England. Lenno. x started out slow to feel his opponent out. By the end of Round 1, Lennox and his corner felt that his body shots where having a very good effect so they decided to step it up a notch.
  In Round 2, Lennox landed some very strong body shots dropping Paul two times in the round.
  In Round 3, Tommy Bottone, in Lennox's corner, told him that he can finish him in this round if he settles in on body shots and when he is hurt, finish him with a right hand. After dropping Paul again with body shots, Lennox continued his attack with strong combinations of kicks and body shots and landed a very hard right hand, which was the final strike. Paul went down and his corner threw in the towel realizing that Lennox was too strong for Paul Wiffen on this day.
  Paul Wiffen had announced before this fight that this was his final fight and he finished his career with great class taking on a very strong up and coming champion such as Lennox Chance.
  After the fight Lennox Chance said that he wished Paul all the best in his plans to continue to train champions at TKO Kickboxing.
  Lennox Chance plans on challenging for a Pro World Kickboxing title in the near future. Lennox is a former amateur World Champion and this fight puts him in line for a Pro World title shot under 130 lbs.

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