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Mina Sparring with fawad at AFC

Mina in Tampa Florida fighting for team NY

Mina "BEE" Sari Wins Modified Muay-Thai Title
Miami FLEOA Charity Kickboxing /MMA event April14 2012

Mina "BEE" Sari / Tommy "BEE" Bottone

Mina "BEE" Sari Wins Comback fight in 2 rounds
after 5 year layoff she wins the PKF Low Kick title

Mina 16 interviewed for News 12 Long Island at AFC

England vs USA
Mina Sarihasan and Lennox Chance win in England

Submitted by: Tommy "BEE" Bottone

England vs USA03 Mina Sarihasan 17 years old from Middle Island, NY USA fought a 3rd amateur full contact rules kickboxing bout against Vicky Ransom 27 years old of England.
This was an entertaining bout, as Vicky started out with a strong attack in round 1 with Mina keeping her composure and landing some good combinations.
Round 2 was when Mina found that her front Kick was a very effective weapon for this fight and began landing it at will, gaining control with it using it to set up some great hand and leg combinations.
Round 3 Mina was in control and showcased some strong boxing and kicking combinations being the aggressor for the entire round. Mina also landed a very strong roundhouse kick to the neck showing how tough Vicky was as she continued fighting strong to the final bell.
This was the first time Mina Sarihasan has fought outside of the U.S. and was thrilled to fight in England. She hopes to return to Europe to fight again.
England vs USA02 Mina 's record is now 7-0-0 holding a NYS and East Coast title and this undefeated young female fighter plans on becoming an Amateur World champion at 124 lbs in the near future.
Mina's trainer Tommy Bottone has said that he is amazed at the great skill and will that Mina possesses for such little experience, only 2 years in training
Tommy said that in all of his years of training and fighting he has never seen anyone learn as quickly as Mina has and is really happy to see her success in fighting at only 17 years old.
England vs USA01 Pro kickboxing scheduled for 10 rounds: Lennox Chance, USA wins by 3 rd TKO.
Lennox Chance which fights out of AFC kickboxing in Middle island NY with World Champion Tommy "BEE" Bottone was the featured Pro fight on September 3 rd 2006 at the Casino Rooms in Rochester England.
Lennox fought against European champion Paul Wiffin of England scheduled for 10 rounds Lennox started out slow to feel his opponent out in round 1.By the rounds end Lennox and his corner felt that his body shots where having a very good effect so they decided to step it up a notch.
Round 2. Lennox landed some very strong body shots dropping Paul 2 times in the round.
For round 3 Tommy Bottone in Lennox's corner told him that we can finish him in this round if you settle down on your body shots and when he is hurt you can finish him with a right hand. After being dropped again with body shots Lennox continued his attack with strong combinations of Kicks and body shots and landing a very hard right hand, which was the final strike, after he went down his corner threw in the towel realizing that Lennox was too strong for Paul Wiffin on this day.
Paul Wiffen had announced before this fight that this was his final fight and he finished his career with great class taking on a very strong up and coming champion such as Lennox Chance.
After the fight Lennox Chance said that he wished Paul all the best in his plans to continue to train champions at TKO kickboxing.
Lennox Chance plans of challenging for a Pro World Kickboxing title in the near future. Lennox is a former amateur World Champion and this fight puts him in line for a Pro World title shot under 130 lbs.

Mina Sarihasan In Japanese Press for winning fight in England
Erika Delione on left , Mina Sarihasan on Right 
                           posted by ケン伊藤 | 2006-09-10 23:32 

Mina Sarihasan Won A Silver Medal at the Largest Full Contact Kickboxing Tournamant in US History - WAKO in Virginia Beach.


Tommy Bottone  and Chrissy Yandolli in photo with Mina Sarihasan

This is a fight that many people on the east coast have been waiting to see ( Mina Sarihasan 17 vs Andrea Deangello 18 ). The fight was supposed to be held on another event last year and did not happen. News 12 Long island promoted the fight showing Mina in training the night before the show.

The Long island kickboxing challenge promoted by Ring Of Fire Promotions www.ringoffirekickboxing.com  finally made this fight happen .They fought in front of  a sold out crowd which loved the action.

The match was the main event on an all amateur event held at the Atlantic Memorial Boxing Club in Shirley,NY.

This fight did not disappoint the fans . These 2 young  stars in the sport both came with a great desire to win. Both  girls deserve credit for putting on a great showcase for the sport of kickboxing. They both fought hard with both landing some very good punches and kicks though out each round. Both fighters showed there ability to mix Boxing and kickboxing skills in the ring with great style.

The Key to Mina's win was her desire to never be hit without coming back with more than she was hit with . Andrea threw many good techniques and Mina seemed to always be able to come back at her with a strong combination . These fighters went at eachother from the first bell and did not stop throwing until the final bell rang,each fighter had there moments of agression in the bout with both fighters standing  in the end.

Mina won the fight with by decission and I am sure that we will get to see these girls do battle again.

Mina is sceduled to fight in her 1 st amatuer Boxing match in Yaphank,Ny on July 9th.


Mina is sceduled to fight in England on September 3rd 2006.


Mina Sarihasan will fight USKBA title fight June 11 th 2006

Video footage Of 16 year old Mina Sarihasan fight !

Mina Sarihasan on England Kickboxing web site


Mina Sarihasan with Tommy "BEE" Bottone

News 16 year old Kickboxing girl from New York makes evening news Where there is Smoke there is Fire ! Mina Sarihasan Wins by 1 st rd TKO in the main event at Corleone Kickboxing Smoker on Long Island ,NY . This 16 year old Girl showcased unbelievabile boxing and head kicking ability for her experience . This fight takes Mina's undefeated record to 3-0 in kickboxing and 2-0 in continuous fighting. This 16 year old Fighter is the fastest growing Kickboxing star on the East Coast and will soon be competing on the National and International level. Mina has only been training for 1 year at AFC Kickboxing in Middle island,NY with World Kickboxing Champion Tommy "BEE" Bottone. Mina plans on competing at the WKA national, IKF World ,and the USKBA world tournaments this year. Mina also plans on fighting on more small events for experience as well as traveling to fight for other organizations such as the ISKA and KICK. To see more photos and Video clips on Mina Sarihasan go to www.ringoffirekickboxing.com

Mina Lands round kick at Moheagn Sun Casino


Mina Sarihasan - 16 years old  has been training at AFC Kickboxing with Tommy 'BEE" Bottone for 1 year and is 3-0 in Full Contact  kickboxing and 2-0 in continuos contact . She has a very bright future in the sport Kickboxing.
Mina is now the Long Island teen kickboxing Champion and is looking foward to fight in major North American and World tournaments this year .

Mina Sarihasan with Tommy "BEE" Bottone

            Mina Sarihasan training in Muay-Thai with Sandy Holt

Mina Sarihasan after Michelle Buzon Match

Mina Sarihasan with teamate Jihn Gilliam

Mina with Tommy "BEE",her dad,and friend afte win



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