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Tarek Rached Wins WKA U.S. Full Contact Kickboxing Title

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Full Results from Sports / Plus in Lake Grove ,NY

Event Match Winner Won By
Full Contact Chris Satler vs Rob Peppers Chris Satler Majority Decision
Full Contact Robby Plotkin vs Rich Alessando Robby Plotkin TKO
1:15 of 2nd Round
Full Contact Michael Ebinger vs Danny Ochart Michael Ebinger Majority Decision
Full Contact Tom Reichling vs Julio Herrer Tom Reichling Unanimous Decision
Full Contact Frank Draghi vs Corey Erdel Frank Draghi Unanimous Decision
Full Contact Seth Tiranger vs George Lederer Seth Tiranger Unanimous Decision
Full Contact Al Jordan vs Boris Vuiton Al Jordan Unanimous Decision
Full Contact Chris Presta vs Carlos Espinosa Chris Presta TKO
1:22 of 2nd Round
Full Contact Jenny Nundel vs Amy Yaturo Jenny Nundel TKO
1:22 of 2nd Round
Full Contact John Fienbacker vs Roman Arroyo John Fienbacker TKO
1:49 of 2nd Round
Full Contact Vinney Deangelo vs Kenny Lamb Vinney Deangelo Unanimous Decision
Full Contact Brian Rockford vs Mike McCloud Brian Rockford Unanimous Decision

WKA Professional US Middleweight Full Contact Championship
Full Contact Tarek Rached vs Eric Pinaretta Tarek Rached Unanimous Decision

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