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John Gilliam Wins USKBA World Championships - NJ

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USKBA World Championship Tournament  

Gilliam wins USKBA World Championships
Submitted by: Tommy "BEE" Bottone

John Gilliam01 USKBA World Championship Tournament

John Gilliam with TOMMY "BEE" and Ken Hewski

Labor Day weekend the USKBA held their World Championship tournament in New Jersey, USA.

John Gilliam 20 years old 18-1-0 in Full contact kickboxing was excited to fight for his first chance at winning a World Championship

Gilliam has been training with World kickboxing Champion Tommy "BEE" Bottone at AFC Kickboxing in his hometown of Middle island NY USA since the age of 10. John has been making a lot of noise in his weight class for the last couple of years by winning the USKBA NA title at Mohegan Sun Casino and recently winning against a fighter from Yugoslavia by head kick KO. John also won the WKA NA title recently.

John stated that he had a hard first round as he may have been a little too excited to fight for the world title and was trying too hard for a KO but landed some effective shots in round 1 as well as receiving some as well from the fighter from Canada in the finals.

In Round 2 John forced the fight with his toughness and began to take some control with hard body shots and landing some strong combos.

In round 3 John new it was time to fight his fight and landed some of his famous jumping spinning kicks as well as some very strong punch and kick combinations to give him the win.

John is now scheduled to fight in the WAKO US Championships in Virginia Beach on September 15th.

John Gilliam02Tommy Bottone, John’s trainer has stated that he is very proud to see John making his dreams come true, as he has always had unbelievable heart and determination to win. To see a kid which started training with you at 10 years old now winning World Championships 10 years later is what this sport is all about.

John is a 2nd degree instructor at AFC kickboxing and it is great to him teaching the young kids in his neighborhood like he was not that many years ago.

For more results go to: www.uskba.com

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Joh Gilliam with TOMMY "BEE" and Ken Hewski

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