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   Comment on The KFK tournament in China Bellow :

Monday, April 30, 2007

20 year old Kickboxer from Middle island NY Wins fight and many new Fans in China !

Hey Guys, Results from China.

John Gilliam did a great Job fighting in China, winning his first fight by 2nd round TKO against a National champion from China.

We saw that this fighter was very aggressive and looking to land strong low kicks in round 1. John stayed cool and fought back hard beginning to back his fighter up by end of the round. We noticed that he had a tall stance and new that a spinning back fist was called for. John threw it and landed very hard opening a cut on his opponents head. After they worked on it and the doctor checked it out they let the fight continue with John attacking very strong and again landing another clean spinning back fist which opened the cut more, they stopped the fight and John was a new star in China.

This entire event was on Live TV and was covered by all the press. John was on the front page of the newspaper in the morning and was a definite target of Team China which John was likely to fight again in his next match.

There was still another elimination in John's weight class with the A from China fighting a fighter from Romania. The Romanian fighter was a strong boxer and landed some hard punches but by the end of round 1 was caught with a high round kick to the head which made for a head kick KO.

Now we knew for sure that John was fighting a fighter from China in the next round and he had very good kicks.

The only KO's in the tournament were by John and his Chinese opponent which he fought for the title.

This fight was for the Kung Fu King tournament 75 kg title and the winner would go on to challenge for the overall KFK title.

Our plan was to get inside of his kicks and his was to keep us outside. Well it was another great fight with the fighter from China winning on points with him sticking to his game plan and staying calm and outside for the entire fight. John landed some good blows and also had a great suplex overhead throw in round 2.

John Gilliam gained the respect of many new Chinese fans as he was the only foreign fighter to Win in the first round and go to the final for the KFK title.

There were fighters from 5 countries: Russia, Romania, Iran, USA, and China.

Congratulations John on a great job representing Team USA in China in this great Sanda tournament!


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This Article was in the Chinese newspaper !

John Gilliam-Tommy Bee- Master Le-Mark Le

Late March 2007 :
TOMMY "BEE" BOTTONE will coach TEAM USA to fight in China .
John Gilliam 20 years old will represent  Team USA :

Sunday, March 04, 2007

John Gilliam 20 years old from Middle island NY invited to fight in China!

John Gilliam 20 years has been training at AFC kickboxing in his hometown of Middle island,NY since he was 10 years old with World kickboxing Champion Tommy "BEE" Bottone.

John has fought and won fights in many fighting styles since he began competing at an early age.

In 2006 John took his career to another level traveling to Virginia beach to win the Silver medal in the U.S. WAKO kickboxing championships which was the largest full contact kickboxing rules tournament in US history.

John also won the gold medal in the USKBA World championships held in New Jersey .

Later in the year John was the team captin for Team USA which traveled to Ottawa Canada to fight Team Canada.

After returning from Canada 1 week later John fought for the PKF amateur World title and won by 4 th round KO.

Earlier in the year John fought in a co-main event at a local event held in Shirley NY fighting a fighter from Yugoslavia and winning by a head kick KO in round 2.

The event March 23rd through March 25 th in China will be a World tournament fought under Chinese kickboxing rules (Sanshou) which is a unique fighting style as all punches and kicks are legal above the waiste but there are also kicks to the legs allowed and all throws are legal as well. This style of fighting is from China and has been made very popular in the US by Cung Le on ESPN 2 on a regular basis.

There will be fighters from all over the World at this event . last years winner was from Russia in the overall divission. John will get a chance to win his weight class and then move on to win the overall division.

This style is no stranger to John as his trainer Tommy "BEE" Bottone was a Sanshou tournament Champion before turning to other rules for Pro kickboxing in the US.John's trainer Tommy Bottone said that John is ready and willing and that his unique style of strong hands, great kicks and strong wrestling skills will be hard to beat.

John Gilliam is very excited to take his career to another level with this World tournament in China.

John was a very good wrestler for Longwood school district and has been well prepared for this type of tournament in his years of training and teaching at AFC kickboxing.

For more information about John Gilliam and Team USA go to www.ringoffirekickboxing.com
AFC Kickboxing 631-345-0100

John Gilliam with Team USA in Ottawa Canada 2006

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