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This is from : www.uskba.com 
 This is there view of this controverial fight ! 

** USKBA ACTION SPORTS News of...  ...MONDAY, MAY 7, 2007 **


It was World Champion Erik Marshall's first event as a promoter. The event featured amateur Full Contact Kickboxing, San Da and Leg Kick bouts with a martial arts demonstration and exhibition bouts with Junior fighters. One of the bouts featured a fighter all the way from England. The Main Event was for a USKBA Amateur World Championship Title. The event was well received by the fans that braved the Florida heat. The fighters, fans, promoters and everyone who helped out, truly made this a "World Class Event".

On May 4, 2007, in Bradenton, Florida, ECJR Promotions in association with World Champion Erik Marshall, presented the "WORLD CLASS CHALLENGE". The only thing disappointing about the event was that after five rounds of non-stop action, no winner was declared in the Main Event for the World Title.

In the Main Event, JARED WARREN (159.5 lbs) (Xtreme Marshall Arts, Erik Marshall, trainer) and JOHN GILLIAM (166.0 lbs) (AFC Kickboxing, Tom Bottone, trainer) stepped into the ring thinking that one of them would walk away with the USKBA Amateur Full Contact Kickboxing Super Middleweight World Championship Title. Everyone knew this bout was going to be hard fought and exciting. That it was! Neither fighter gave any ground to the other during the five rounds. Just when it looked like one fighter was gaining the edge, the other fighter came back with a barrage of their own. The first round belonged to Gilliam as all three judges gave the round to him. In the second round, two of the three judges gave this round to Warren. The third round was scored just as the second round, except that Gilliam did not make the Minimum Kick Rule (MKR) of eight kicks per round and received a one point deduction. The last two rounds were just as ferocious as the first three rounds. Neither fighter gave any ground. Warren would try to keep Gilliam at bay by using his long legs. Gilliam, sensing he had the power to knock Warren out, was content with pounding away up close. The bell sounded signaling the end of the bout and now it was left up to the judges' scorecards. One judge gave the bout to Warren by a score of 49-46. The two other judges gave the fight to Gilliam with scores of 48-47. Unfortunately, the one point deduction had to be taken off the scorecards, thus changing the final scores to 49-45 Warren, 47-47 even and 47-47 even. The final decision was a majority draw. The title is not awarded. Hopefully, a rematch can be scheduled shortly. Both fighters deserve it.

In the Featured International Bout, fought under Full Contact Kickboxing rules, Bradenton's own DEVIN HOLLAND (139.6 lbs) (USA) did battle with STACEY GOSDEN (140.0 lbs) (England) for five action packed rounds. This was the type of bout that one could watch over and over and over. Gosden, the more experienced fighter, thrilled the audience with his assortment of kicks including a first round knockdown of Holland. Holland stood in there and offered his own kicking and punching ability. It was exciting to see two young talented kickboxers go at each other for the entire five rounds. In the second round, the action was fast and furious and Holland did not make the Minimum Kick Rule of eight kicks per round and received a one point deduction. The final scores were 50-42, 48-45 and 49-45 in favor of Gosden.

In other action:
San Da Bout
- Josue Escorcia def Brandon Oliver by KO at 1:53 of Round 2.
* Oliver issued 30 day suspension.
Leg Kick Bout
- Jayson Delozier def Derik Mendez by KO at 1:52 of Round 3.
* Mendez issued 30 day suspension.
Full Contact Kickboxing
- Joseph Denick def Robert Snyder by majority decision (30-26, 28-28, 29-27) (Snyder had one point deduction for MKR in Round 3).
Junior Full Contact Kickboxing Exhibition
- Francisco Moncera and Ian Raysor fought an exhibition.
Junior Full Contact Kickboxing Exhibition
- Hunter Sparkman and Ivan Hernandez fought an exhibition.
Bo Form Exhibition
- Robin Labuff

Participating Studios; Xtreme Marshall Arts, AFC Kickboxing, Amir's Martial Arts Academy, Pro-Am Gym - King Alfred Centre. Referees; Bill Slinker and Tom Bottone. Judges; Mark Graden, Tim McCahan and John Prevatt. Timekeeper; Dina Lundberg. Scorekeeper; Karen Mugrage. Kickcounters; Ray LePriol and Chris Clarke. Announcer; John Hone.

For information on future World Champion Erik Marshall events, visit the event website at www.XtremeMarshallArts.com.

There are
95 photos
posted from this event

Quick Results :  The fight was declared a ( Controversial draw.)
     Protest of decision : John Gilliam won the fight by a split decision and there was point taken away for missed kicks in round 3.
   In Round 3 it was noticed by Tommy Bottone ( John's corner) that the kick counter was not counting kicks and made Mr Paul Rosner aware of this fact during the middle of the round. The kick counter had John Gilliam come up 2 kicks short in round 3 forcing John to have a point deduction making the fight a draw.
   The other judges,both corners and the crowd all thought that John Gilliam should have won the fight.
 The kick counter was a fighter which trained with the Jared wright camp.
  The decision is being protested on these grounds. We will keep the fans up to date when we get an answer from the USKBA.
   John Gilliam took control early with effective aggression winning all 5 rounds .The only round which was close was round 3 where John lost a point as Jarred started off strong  but was hurt badly from a  spinning back fist .After landing the spinning back fist John had Jarred against the ropes landing a barrage of hard right hands,body shots,and a number of all hard shots where most think that he was  saved by the bell.This absolutely should have given john the round even with a point deduction.

** USKBA ACTION SPORTS News of...  ...SUNDAY, APRIL 29, 2007 **


Both fighters started kickboxing when they were young. Both fighters have double digits in the win column. Both fighters have Championship Titles. Both fighters have impressive wins in World Tournaments. Both fighters have competed outside the United States. Both fighters are trained by World Kickboxing Champions. Both fighters want to win the vacant USKBA Amateur Full Contact Kickboxing Super Middleweight World Championship Title. Both fighters will get their chance on Friday, May 4, 2007.

USKBA ACTION SPORTS Promoter ECJR Promotions, in association with World Champion Erik Marshall, present the "WORLD CLASS CHALLENGE" Amateur Kickboxing event in Bradenton, Florida. The Main Event for the USKBA Amateur Full Contact Kickboxing Super Middleweight World Championship Title, will feature JARED WARREN vs JOHN GILLIAM. The bout is scheduled for five rounds and is expected to be a hard fought battle by two of the most talented young fighters today. Jared Warren is trained by World Champion Erik Marshall and John Gilliam is trained by World Champion Tommy Bottone.

In addition, the Featured Bout will have a special International Competition featuring DEVON HOLLAND (USA) vs STACEY GOSDEN (England). The undercard will showcase Adult and Junior bouts in Full Contact Kickboxing, San Da and Leg Kicks.

This event is USKBA ACTION SPORTS Sanctioned under approval from the Florida State Boxing Commission.

For tickets and additional information, call 941-744-0400, or visit the event website at www.XtremeMarshallArts.com.

  On May  4 th John Gilliam will face Jarred Warren of Florida for the USKBA Supermiddleweight Amateur World title 5    rounds.
  John Gilliam is trained by World Champion Tommy "BEE" Bottone at AFC Kickboxing in NY and has been training with Tommy since he was 10 years old.
 John Gilliam has had major sucess recently winning the USKBA World tournamanet , the PKF World title and winning in A major World tournament in China .
 Jarred Warren is trained by World Champion Erik Marschal .
Both fighters have fought international on the same Team USA and both fighters have the skill and the will along with experience to become the World champion.
   These 2 fighters are both known as great young Kickers that come to fight.
  Tommy "BEE" Bottone who had the chance to coach Jarred on team USA expects a great fight and knows that his old friend Erik Marschal will prepare Jarred well for this fight.
 This  is a fight that will definatley keep the crowd on its feet as feet will be flying on May 4th.


   John Gilliam
                           Wins PKF World Title by 4 th round KO 
Round 1: John took control with
                           his kicks cutting off the ring and 
                           following up
                           with hard punches to the body.

                           Round 2: John continued wih his body attack and threw some arial kicks
                           including a butterfly kick which missed and a spinning back kick to the 
                           which landed solid his opponent fought strong in this round throwing 
                           spinning techniques and some flashy kicks.

                           Round 3: John took control with a hard body attack, his oppenent was 
                           alot of problems countering johns  body attack and the round ended on a 
                           shot knockdown and a standing 8.

                           Round 4: started strong as both fighters came out throwing hard shots 
                           but john
                           caught his opponent with a tornadao kick to the body and followed it 
                           with a
                           righthand  to end the fght by knock out. 
                           pictures are attached 


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